Would You Pay $15K for Elvis’s Dirty Underwear?

Unwashed and stained, Presley’s skivvies are set to hit English sale

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

Most stained, dirty underwear is discreetly tossed in the trash. But when it once belonged to the King, well, it gets people all shook up.

The BBC reports an unwashed pair of Elvis Presley’s light-blue briefs, worn under one of his sassy white jumpsuits in 1977, is set to hit the auction block in Greater Manchester, England, next month, and it’s expected to fetch  £10,000—about $15,800. That’s one big hunk o’ burning love.

Presley’s own Holy Bible, which includes handwritten notes and underlining, will also be up for auction, with sale-price estimates set at £25,000, or $39,500, according to the BBC.

A chance at winning the King’s underwear and his Bible? We can’t help falling in love with that idea.

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