14 Rapid-Fire Reads

Need a quick lit fix? Try these slimmed down books.
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The characters in these 18 effervescent stories are shining symbols of hope in a cruel, confusing world. In. Voice of America, set in Nigeria and the U.S., two young refugees dream of a miracle that will free them from them from the camps; the boyfriend of a prostitute is arrested and charged with charming his fellow prisoners for survival; and a pregnant woman faces off with her mother-in-law when she returns to her homeland. Buy it here.
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This compilation of raw, bewitching stories will make you question how much you can really count on in life. In
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Translated from French, this essay collection is full of Kundera
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Former Gawker scribe Emily Gould made her name by oversharing
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Milo is a wounded veteran of the Iraq War. Honor is his physical therapist. When she touches his wounds Honor is overcome by images that perplex and frighten them both. Together, they begin to weave stories that reveal their growing attraction:
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This collection of seven stories and a novella is tied together by themes of identity: a man with writer's block plagiarizes his past, a fashion editor dials an old flame, a lawyer takes advantage of an accounting mistake. Citowitz
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Translated from French, this essay collection is full of Kundera’s opinions on art, music and film, which he worries have fallen by the wayside. Each essay is an arduous defense of why the likes of Dostoyevsky, Beethoven and Fellini still deserve great merit. Buy it at Amazon
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Neil promises Jane he can explain everything she wants to know about men. A Harvard graduate, Jane finds herself getting more of an education from this enthralling, older writer than she ever did in school. In this pocket-sized story, Beattie brilliantly captures the mood of 1980
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