5 Thrillers Not to Read After Dark

From the threat of an international terrorist attack in "Wendell Black, MD" to the psychological suspense of "The Orphan Choir," these books will get your blood pumping

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"Wendell Black, MD"

by Gerald Imber; Bourbon Street Books


Bad things do happen to good people, and when NYPD medical surgeon Wendell Black helps a sick passenger on a plane, his reward is being plunged into an international drug-smuggling investigation possibly involving British doctors—maybe even his girlfriend, a fellow surgeon. Dr. Black must determine who he can trust as true identities emerge and the reality of an international terrorist threat takes hold.


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"The Fire Witness"

by Lars Kepler; Farrar, Straus and Giroux


When a teenage resident is savagely murdered at a rehabilitation home for troubled girls, suspicion falls on another resident who disappeared the night of the crime. But the facts of the case never quite add up until investigators meet a novice clairvoyant who unwittingly leads them to the site of an unsolved murder—one that occurred decades before these “troubled girls” were born. 


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"The Orphan Choir"

by Sophie Hannah; Picador


Two seemingly unrelated stressors trigger Louise Beeston’s mental decline: Her son’s decision to begin boarding at his school, and her next-door neighbor’s habit of playing loud music late at night. When Louise eventually realizes only she can hear the music—a haunting hymn sung by children that reminds her of her son’s school choir—she decides it’s a warning meant just for her. What follows are the actions of a mother who will stop at nothing to follow her intuition.


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"A Circle of Wives"

by Alice LaPlante; Atlantic Monthly Press


Dr. John Taylor has three wives in three different cities—but that, surprisingly, is not what gets him killed. His triple life is exposed when all of the wives attend his funeral, though the arrangement is not a surprise to one of the spouses. A young detective grappling with the future of her own relationship is assigned to a case that leaves everyone contemplating the many definitions of “married.”


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"You Should Have Known"

by Jean Hanff Korelitz; Grand Central


Grace Sachs is a therapist who spends her days counseling poorly matched couples and her nights eagerly awaiting the return of her pediatric oncologist husband from yet another long shift at the hospital. When a woman in her social circle is killed, Grace is forced to peel back the layers of her upscale Manhattan life and confront the frightening truths that, like so many of her patients, she should have already known.  


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mark rushworth05.07.2014

Thanks for the tip... added to Amazon and should help me survive my first cruise to Russia (for some reason - i blame my other half) hope theres no disaster thrillers in there.

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