6 Books for Men

He’s not going to toss it or covertly return it; he might even read it. Or, better yet, pass it on to you

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Political Junkie

Jon Meacham’s latest, Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power (Random House), takes an intimate look at an enigma—a “force of human nature,” a fighter, a flirt—in this heavyweight (in every sense) biography.


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Clueless Husband

What, men wonder, do women want (besides more Nora Ephron)? This new edition of the divine Nora’s two 1970s essay collections, Crazy Salad and Scribble Scribble (Vintage), exposes your mate to one of the canniest female minds of our time.


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Social Climber

You thought New York was a shark tank? Multiculti Florida is a viciously delicious place to visit (just try living there) in Tom Wolfe’s latest novel, Back to Blood (Little, Brown).


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Joseph Anton (Random House), Salman Rushdie’s memoir of his life since the deadly fatwa that upended it, is as intricate as fiction. Who but master storyteller Rushdie could write in the third person and still seem to be telling secrets?


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Animal Lover

“There are nights when I wake beside my wife as if beside a stranger,” writes Peter Trachtenberg, who explores the enigmas of marriage as he searches for a wild-hearted lost cat in his wide-ranging memoir Another Insane Devotion (Da Capo).


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“Dice like a samurai, hack like a butcher, and annihilate an onion at ten paces”: How can a man resist the blood sport of cooking? Bee Wilson’s Consider the Fork (Basic Books) probes the multipronged mysteries of kitchen tools. 


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First published in the December 2012 issue

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