Rated: Lookalike Beach Books

We rate four look-alike, shore-centric novels.
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Beach Week by Susan Coll (Sarah Crichton Books, FSG)

When Jordan McMillan wants to postpone college for a gap year in India, her parents come up with a plan: send their distant daughter to the beach with her girlfriends in the hope that she’ll lighten up. This satirical tale, rife with texting and prescription pills, is a surprisingly authentic rendering of the American teenager-and her guardians, who aren’t paying attention. Rating: ? ? ? ? To buy the book go to Amazon.com.

It All Began in Monte Carlo by Elizabeth Adler (St. Martin’s Press)

When her fiancé postpones their wedding for the third time, passive protagonist Sunny Alvarez slips off her pink diamond engagement ring and sneaks away to the Monte Carlo coast. Her betrothed, an ambitious detective, follows close behind. Restoring their relationship is his immediate goal, but news of robberies committed by three Marilyn Monroe-masked women command his attention. An implausible, Champagne-soaked romp across Europe ensues. Rating: ? ? To buy the book go to Amazon.com.

The Island by Elin Hilderbrand (Reagan Arthur)

Hilderbrand’s ninth Cape Cod-themed novel opens with a 3 AM phone call: Birdie Cousin’s daughter Chess announces that her wedding is off. Soon after, Chess’s ex-fiancé is dead. To help her firstborn grieve, Birdie recruits her youngest daughter for a monthlong getaway on a secluded island. There family ties prove to be both a blessing and a bitch. Rating: ? ? ? To buy the book go to Amazon.com.

Beachcombers by Nancy Thayer (Ballantine Books)

A Nantucket house becomes a battleground for the motherless Fox sisters, who cozy up to the island’s affluent summer population but bicker with each other over clothes, grocery shopping and sharing the family truck. Thayer glides over serious topics like adultery and gives this annoyingly upbeat novel a requisite happy ending. Rating: ? To buy the book go to Amazon.com. CLICK HERE FOR A ROUNDUP OF WARM WEATHER COOKBOOKS.

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