10 Things We’ve Learned from Honey Boo Boo

Whether you find them refreshingly honest or a train wreck, the boisterous reality clan have some wisdom to share

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7. Upbeat self acceptance has no size limits.At 300+ pounds, Mama June good-naturedly shakes what the good Lord (and the good lard) gave her, and she encourages chubby little Alana to do the same—with the result that the Boo Boo Child unselfconsciously plays with her belly fat and makes it talk.

8. Family values come in many forms.“We love our little life, and we have fun doing it,” Mama June says. Despite lots of teasing and teen eye-rolling, everyone pitches in and watches out for each other; family members clearly enjoy spending time together. The kids aren’t saddled with a sense of entitlement, pre-teen snottiness or adolescent neuroses (unless you consider getting knocked up at 16 to be neurotic).

9. “You have to take pride in how you look.”That’s what June wants her girls to know. The many-chinned Mama is aware that not everyone considers her a paragon of good grooming. “Granted, I ain’t the most beautimous out the box,” she acknowledges, “but a little paint on this barn…it shines up like it’s brand new.”

10. The line between high-falutin’ and low-falutin is fine as frogs’ hairs. We dare you to find substantive—not cosmetic—differences between the Boo Boos and the Kardashians. Except that the Boo Boos are nicer to each other.

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