12 Amazing Mystery Authors Who Always Deliver!

Authors who made me a fan for life.

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Check out these 12 amazing authors that never disappoint their audiences:

I love everything that Les Roberts writes, but I especially love his Milan Jacovich series.  These mysteries take place in Cleveland and Roberts writes in a way that makes you feel like you live in the neighborhood. Many of these authors write a series of books with intriguing characters that become like "old friends."  

J.A. Konrath has a series of mysteries published that all feature the same main characters. The books have fun names like Bloody Mary, Dirty Martini, Fuzzy Navel, and Rusty Nail. While the names may be silly, the books are not. You won’t want to put them down!

By now, most people have heard of Gone, Baby, Gone, the movie directed by Ben Affleck. What many people don’t realize is that Gone, Baby, Gone is the third in a series of five books with the same main characters. Dennis Lehane is best known for Mystic River and some of this other great books, but this series is tough to beat! I would definitely try to read them in order.

Tom Corcoran’s Alex Rutledge series is a huge favorite of mine!  With titles like Air Dance Iguana, The Mango Opera, and Bone Island Mambo, it won’t surprise you that the setting for this mystery series is Key West. Don your ball cap, your Ray Bans, and your suntan lotion and get ready to lose yourself in the Florida sun!

Chuck Logan writes gripping, page-turning mysteries. The titles of his books, such as Vapor Trail and Absolute Zero tease you in wanting more. My only complaint is that there isn’t one published and waiting for me when I finish the last one!

James Lee Burke is probably one of my all-time favorite authors! I love everything the man writes but I especially love his Dave Robicheaux series. Talk about a "flawed hero!" The most amazing thing about Burke’s writing is that you actually feel like you’re in the Deep South, sweating and swatting away the mosquitoes. This author just can’t publish books fast enough to please me! As an added bonus, Burke’s daughter is a good mystery writer too. Check out books by Alistair Burke.

Robert Crais’s Elvis Cole series is tough to beat! Men love him and women want him! His best friend and side-kick, Joe Pike, is just icing on the cake! Picking up one of these books will guarantee that you’ll be back for more! This very cool P.I. has a Mickey Mouse phone in his office, but don’t underestimate him!

Robert B. Parker cranks out books as fast as Nora Roberts but each one makes me feel like I’m visiting with old friends. He writes several series, all of which I love, but the Spenser and Jesse Stone books are my favorites! This man can write dialogue like no one else I know! The Spenser books go way back and are fun to read in order…

Let’s take a break from all the testosterone for a minute and focus on a female author that never disappoints! Sue Grafton’s ABC books are clever and intriguing mysteries. Interestingly, her stories take place in the ’80s before cell phones and other "modern conveniences". Her main character, Kinsey Millhone, relies on good, old-fashioned detective work to solve her cases.

My favorite books of John Sandford’s are his Prey series, starring Lucas Davenport. There is no way anyone could be disappointed with one of these novels. Sandford has recently added a new character, Virgil Flowers, that is the main character in a couple of books and shows up on the sidelines in a few of the later Prey books. I can already predict that he will become a favorite of mine.

Lee Child’s main character, Jack Reacher, is amazing!  He has done what many of us would like to do and that is turn our backs on society’s expectations and live our lives according to our own values. The man doesn’t own a car, a suitcase, or even a change of clothes! His strict moral code is always present and he "rights wrongs" where he finds them…

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