12 Movies to Inspire Your Next Trip

Netflix these films and you’ll find yourself on a plane in no time.
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Sex and the City 2

Watching the famous New York City foursome take over Abu Dhabi is far more entertaining than reliving the post-left-at-the-altar trip they took to Mexico in the first movie. Buy it here.
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French Kiss

In this 1990s Meg Ryan classic, her character jets to Paris to find her estranged fiancé. Instead, she becomes smitten with a French thief (Kevin Kline) while running around southern France. What better place to fix a broken heart than Cannes? Buy it here.
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Letters to Juliet

A young writer, Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), visits Verona and discovers a wall where lovers write to Juliet Capulet on matters of the heart. She responds to a note, propelling a grandmother (Vanessa Redgrave) and her grandson to travel to Italy. Buy it here.
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Thelma & Louise

Roooooaaaad Triiiiiip. Just try not to make yours as criminal as Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis do in this classic story of friendship. Buy it here.
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P.S. I Love You

Hilary Swank stars as Holly, a widow whose dead husband (Gerard Butler) helps her overcome grief through a series of letters that encourage her to embrace life and take risks. One note takes her to the the green, rolling hills of Ireland, where she and her husband fell in love. Buy it here.
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Julie & Julia

Julia Child’s journey to France changed the way Americans looked at food, particularly beef bourguignon. Bon appétit! Buy it here.
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Under the Tuscan Sun

When Francis Mayes (Diane Lane) finds herself divorced and suffering from writer’s block, she decides to pack her bags and move to Tuscany, where she spontaneously buys a rickety old villa and begins to remodel the home-and her life. Buy it here.
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The Holiday

Take a page from Iris Simpkins (Kate Winslet) and Amanda Woods (Cameron Diaz), two broken-hearted women (from the British countryside and Los Angeles, respectively) who swap homes for a change of pace. Buy it here.
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Out of Africa

Karen Bixen (Meryl Streep) shows resilience while faced with war, infidelity, and an unknown country: Kenya. Buy it here.
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Nights in Rodanthe

Diane Lane plays Adrienne Willis, a woman who finds peace by fleeing to an inn off the Atlantic. Enter Richard Gere for a life-changing romance. Buy it here.
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Boys on the Side

Happenstance brings three very different women together and a trip to California evolves into a forever friendship. Starring Whoopi Goldberg, Drew Barrymore and Mary-Louise Parker. Buy it here.
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Roman Holiday

Princess? Check. Handsome man? Check. Serendipitous meeting? Check. Romantic European city (Rome)? Check. Watching the adventures of Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck will leave you longing for the Italian capital’s cobblestone streets and tasty gelato. Buy it here.



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