Woman of Interest: Alicia Silverstone

The actress and author talks about healthy living and empowering women 

by David Hutchings
Photograph: Ari Michelson

She wrote a best seller on healthy eating. Her new book is The Kind MamaI want to empower women to have an ailment-free pregnancy and a healthy, happy little love nugget.

Ironically, in her latest film, Angels in Stardust, she plays a dysfunctional mother. I go from guy to guy and teach my daughter all the wrong things. What a fun role to play!

Clued in at 37: A lot happened after Clueless. I was 19, and all of a sudden I had my own production company and so many opportunities. More importantly, cast members like Paul Rudd and director Amy Heckerling became like family to me. We’re still close.

Eating right as life raft: When I was young, I thought it was normal to wake up tired and irritable and take aspirin and drink coffee and need sugar. I had allergies and used inhalers. Then I had an epiphany, and I do not eat animals anymore. I now know that I can be the most radiant, happy, blissed-out person because of how I eat.

Free fall: I met my husband, [rock musician] Chris Jarecki, during intermission at an Antonioni double feature. I was in my “chasing bad boys” phase, but he was so nice that it happened quickly between us. We’ve been together 16 years, and three years ago we had our son, Bear Blu.

Ethical wedding: We wanted to only have food you could take home at the end, with nothing wasted. So [we put] our place cards on artichokes.

No movie nudity I love being naked. I sometimes garden naked. I just don’t want it freeze-framed on the screen!

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First published in the May 2014 issue

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