Woman of Interest: Allison Janney

The sitcom star opens up about her search for love

by Margy Rochlin
Photograph: Ari Michelson

The Emmy winner (for The West Wing) stars as Anna Faris’s man-crazy mother, Bonnie, on the CBS sitcom Mom (Thursdays, 8:30 pm ET).
I get to say some of the best lines because of her unapologetic way of barreling through life.

Janney plays a spelling bee director in Bad Words, starring and directed by Jason Bateman (opens March 14).
I would probably do just about anything Jason asked me to do.

Walking tall
I thank my parents every day that they made me go to ballet and modern dance class. I know how to stand tall (I’m six feet) and be graceful and make an entrance!

West Wing–ing it
I love it when people come up and say, “I was so inspired by C.J. that I changed my college major.” I love that my playing her clarified something in their lives.

Looking for love
I’m single. It’s hard to find a man over 50 and my height! Finding love is probably the only thing left on my bucket list, and I’ve pushed it away or eluded it my whole life.

Her role on TV’s Masters of Sex
A woman in her fifties having her first orgasm in the backseat of a car? It’s pretty hot. I’m proud to represent older women and prove we’re not dead sexually.

Where she puts her four Emmys
I used to hide them in a closet. I was in a relationship with an actor and didn’t want to rub them in his face. When it ended, I had a shelf built over the television, where they live with my SAG awards. Whenever I watch TV, I can look at them!

I do Pilates three times a week. I hike with my dogs every day. I work out with a trainer. I’m really making an effort to not go quietly into the future. 

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First published in the March 2014 issue

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