Angela Kinsey Starts a New Chapter

As she prepares to clean out her desk at “The Office,” the actress talks about her plans and how she and her ex-husband work together to nurture their daughter

by Ilyssa Panitz • Celebrity Reporter
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More: Has it sunk in that The Office will soon be closing its doors?
Angela Kinsey: It very much has. A few days ago, we had the table reading of our final script. Jenna [Fisher] and I walked into the room holding hands and thinking, Here we go. We were so relieved that we got to sit next to each other, and of course kept a box of tissues next to us because it was so emotional.

More: You got that emotional?
AK: I cried in both hair and makeup. I mean, I couldn’t stop crying. It really hit us that this was it. We all got very nostalgic and started quoting lines from our second episode, called “Diversity Day.”

More: What do you know about the series finale?
AK: It is a lovely good-bye, with the biggest Confidential stamp I have ever seen on any script. I mean, every single page had the Confidential stamp on it. Having read it, I think the fans will be both really happy and really sad. When it comes to the last day of shooting? I don’t know how I am going to prepare for it.

More: What comes to mind when you look back at the show?
AK: I'm just so thankful that I got to be a part of this amazing journey. These people started out as my coworkers and became my family. But on the other hand, my heart is aching. I feel like I am mourning a loss. But I know my cast mates, and we will get it together and soldier on.

More: What do you plan to do when The Office ends?
AK: I just closed a deal to do a Fox pilot. Oddly enough, I will start filmingthat  during the final filming of The Office. Even though I am swamped doing double duty, I am so grateful.

More: Were you worried there might not be something in the wings?
AK: I think, as an actor, you are always worried, even if you have been on a show for nine years. I will say, being a mom has helped me relax on that front.

More: You are a mom, and now a single mom. How are you juggling your jobs?
AK: I am very fortunate, because my work has some flexibility. After our interview, I am done for the day. I get to pick Isabel up, and we get to have some quality time together, which I am thrilled about. All three of my sisters are working moms, and I always turn to them for advice. One of the things my sisters pointed out was how I get these pockets of free time most people don’t. That allows me to have breakfast or maybe lunch with my daughter while I am at work.

More: Sounds as if you have it all figured out.
AK: As a working mom, I do feel guilty, but I try to crush those feelings by making our quality time count. The only thing I fight with all the time is making it home for dinner. Do you know who told me that is the most important time of the day for him? Steve Carell.

More: What activities do you and your daughter do together?
AK: I keep a dollhouse, toys and books with me at work. Every day I have a game plan to make the day go well for her. I like that Isabel sees me working. Even when we do mundane things, I think it teaches her patience and makes her aware of what it takes to keep a home running. I try to incorporate all those things so she sees the big picture. I will say, one of our favorite bonding moments is doing arts-and-crafts projects. It is about us sitting in the kitchen making something out of clay or painting a picture.

More: Funny you make reference to arts and crafts, because you are teaming up with Clorox's “Bleach It Away” campaign and getting people to share their “ewww” moments. I am assuming you have had a few of your own?

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