Bret Michaels, Ultimate Survivor

With strength and reinvention, the Poison frontman built a successful new career. Here he talks about his latest album, a planned return to "Celebrity  Apprentice"—and surviving a series of brutal health challenges 

by Ilyssa Panitz • Celebrity Reporter
bret michaels image
Photograph: Mark Mazzanti/Michaels Entertainment Group

More: It sounds like you have it all.
BM: No. There is definitely a price to pay for having this lifestyle. Unfortunately, whatever you succeed at, there is always a price tag that comes with it and someone gets the short end of the stick. Unfortunately for me, I am forced to miss some things in my kids’ lives. I try to make it up to them the best way I can by coming back for the big things. However, the extra travel really wears me out, especially with everything my body has been through.

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