Chelsea: Too Hot to Handler

She’s hilariously inappropriate, hugely successful and happiest when she’s blonde. Chelsea Handler reveals why she’s changed her mind about marriage, what she’ll do after her show ends and how she landed bottoms up in her own birthday cake

by Leah Rozen
SPORTMAX viscose dress, 212-674-1817
Photograph: Peggy Sirota

She shares several iPhone photos. There she is sitting in the cake. Another shows her polka-dot-bikini--underwear-clad derriere smeared with chocolate frosting. In a third, a guest licks frosting off her behind.

“I try,” sums up Handler, in her best mock-haughty tone, “to lead my life in a dignified manner.”

LEAH ROZEN profiled Julianna Margulies in the April issue of More.

Chelsea Handler was previously profiled in the May 2012 issue of More.

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First published in the June 2014 issue

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