"The Closer": Mother-Daughter Bonding

Kyra Sedgwick's daughter, Sosie Bacon, is a guest star on "The Closer."

Carin Rubenstein, TiVoLady

The past few episodes of The Closer, starring Kyra Sedgwick, 44, as Chief Brenda Lee Johnson, have featured Sosie Bacon, who plays Brenda’s niece, Charlie. Sosie happens to be Sedgwick’s real-life daughter, and the two are clearly having a grand old time working together. Their chemistry lights up this slightly predictable, slighty boring show in a way that nothing else has recently.

Charlie, the misbehaving niece, is cooling her heels in Los Angeles, after being kicked out of the house by her frustrated parents. She’s hanging out with the wrong crowd, and coming home late, and blah, blah, blah. Plus, she’s always on her Blackberry. You know, she’s a normal, television teenager. Sosie plays this surly, ungrateful princess perfectly, right from the heart. And she’s especially great in her scenes with Sedgwick, as if all the annoying eye-rolling and disdain and obnoxiousness come quite naturally. It’s every teenager’s dream come true:  You get to act like a teenager on national television, for money. And all you have to do is be rude and disrepectful to your actual mother.


Last week’s episode, “Smells Like Murder,” contained great scenes in which Brenda eats some marijuana brownies that Charlie’s friend has mailed her (a Federal offense), and the two get stoned together. Then they eat dinner. Then they roll around on the floor. Then, Brenda’s husband, Fritz, the FBI agent, comes home and finds them high as kites.  He’s not happy, so he decides to send her back home. Banished! But Brenda steps in and gives the kid another chance, just like a real mom would.

Too bad we can't all work with our teenage daughters for a few weeks every year.  We’d all come home understanding each other a little more, having a little more sympathy for each other, and maybe even getting along better.

Though most of us couldn’t score a perfect setup like Sedgwick and Sosie.  Brava girls!

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