Does Jon & Kate Plus 8 Exploit the Kids?

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Word on Rumor St. is that Jon is cheating on Kate; Kate is cheating on Jon; he doesn’t live in the house; she has an ego the size of her now-famous hair spikes. Watching the Gosselin family fall apart before our eyes may make for good ratings on TLC, but some J&K family members have spoken out against the show, even calling for a boycott.

Last week, Kate’s sister and brother-in-law blasted the reality-TV show on CBS’s “The Early Show,” saying the kids are being “exploited” and that “it’s time for America to see the situation for what it really is, which is, unfortunately, there are no laws protecting children in reality-TV shows."

But in an upcoming issue of People magazine, Jon himself says, "Exploited? "I don’t even want to use that word, because I think it’s ridiculous."

What do you think of Jon & Kate Plus 8? Does the show exploit the children? And do you think people have a moral obligation to stop watching it?

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