Here Come the Holidays

by Christine Ferguson • Member { View Profile }

The middle of November, how can that be? We have six weeks to go and here we are in 2010. Doesn’t this seem like a science fiction movie? All of us say "where did the time go". I will tell you, look back on the years. Our family members have been in our lives forever. Now this is a good thing and maybe some negative experiences at the same time. I think it’s safe to say that most of the time has been good and maybe great. I just completed another 2300 mile drive up and down the west coast visiting family members. I love the west coast. We have the ocean, mountains and even the desert. This time of year is particular beautiful. There is a Britton Lake on Hwy 89 in Northern California and it takes my breath everytime I drive by on the little not quite two lane bridge. It is between Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen, such a spectacular area. A small community called "Hat Creek" was surrounded by a forest fire this summer. The entire area is very beautiful. Now back to this time of year, and of course "Family Matters" is a concern for all of us. How can we make all of our family members feel the spirit of this time of year. I’ve had decades of my family together during the holidays, large wonderful dinners and gift exchanges. Like many families, we are now spread out geographically and not able to all be together. My dear sister pointed out on the way to the airport today, that she has never had the fulfillment of completely enjoying the holidays, because she has had to juggle with "in-laws" and her side of the family. She never had her family for holiday celebrations and felt more stress than my mother and I. This came home to me and I don’t have any reason to complain. Instead, I fill very happy and blessed to have so many memories to reflect back on. We need to keep in mind that many people don’t have the precious and joyful memories. There are also so many less fortunate than ourselves, think of ways we can share our good fortunes. The food banks, homeless shelters, and every community has suggestions where everyone can lend a hand. Do you know an older senior or neighbor, maybe no family close and needs an invitation for a holiday dinner? There is something for all of us to do that could help those who need comfort. I want to be more grateful and share my blessings. I have mentioned before that I don’t have a home of my own and live with my family members. I am so grateful to have the family I have. I will try harder not to feel sorry for myself and have more faith and courage to show love for others. I am still trying to find employment. Between you and me, there is age discrimination. I have applied for dozens of jobs this year, but I know the right one will come along. But this isn’t about the economy or unemployment. The joys of the season should be felt by all. So let’s get out there and do what we can, so everyone can feel how especially this holiday season can be more joyful and loving to our neighbors who might be in distress. Let’s hear some great activities your families have performed and are planning. Remember, most answers to prayers are through someone else. Happy Holidays!

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