Joely Fisher Does It Her Way!

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and in Joely Fisher’s case, they weren’t kidding. The multitalented actress and singer is the perfect onstage combination of her mom, Hollywood icon Connie Stevens, and the late crooner Eddie Fisher. But Fisher was determined to take Hollywood by storm by making it on her own! 

by Ilyssa Panitz • Celebrity Reporter
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More: It seems you were born in the spotlight.
Joely Fisher: Everybody says, “Oh, that is what she has to do because it is the family trade.” For me, it is not dentistry. This is something I really like. When I was born, my father wasn’t there, which isn’t such a shock because he was onstage in Las Vegas. They called my dad while he was doing a show to say, “Connie is giving birth.” So my dad held the microphone next to the receiver so everyone could hear my cry onstage.

More: Does being Connie Stevens and Eddie Fisher’s daughter immediately pave the way for stardom?
JF: People assume I have always been in a limo. If anything, having the parents I did helped pave the way for dealing with the negative things people say about you. My mom had such a strong work ethic. She was a true survivor because she came from nothing and didn’t have one thing handed to her.  

More: What about your dad?
JF: You know, my father passed away back in 2010. My little sister Tricia and I went to clean out his house, and I found all of these old magazines where he and my mom were featured. When you look at them, they are so different from the magazines we read today. Back then things were mystical, magical and somewhat secretive, which was amazing.

More: Does it change how you feel about the industry?
JF: I still love what I do. I’m even trying to get back to series television. It is the place I feel most comfortable. I feel I am sort of missing something by not doing it.

More: Any chance we will see you pop up on the small screen soon?
JF: I did write something. It is somewhat autobiographical but of course exaggerated. There seems to be good response, so we will see.

More: Of all the programs you've done, which had the greatest impact on you?
JF: Being cast opposite Ellen DeGeneres in her sitcom, Ellen. I loved Paige, the character I played, and watching how well people responded to her. Jeremy Piven even came out of that show. I had the most amazing time being on Ellen’s road, which took her on a crazy journey to get to where she is. I got nominations for that part, and I felt I was playing with the big kids. Cabaret on Broadway was also awesome. I was using all of my props at once, singing, dancing and acting on a live stage.

More: Where do you feel more comfortable: in front of the camera or singing center stage?
JF: I like to bounce between things. The stage feels so comfortable to me because it is where my roots are. A movie set to me is like camp and a real love affair. You get to go away for a few months, hang with really cool people and then go home.

More: Do you feel society has put high expectations on you because of who your parents are?
JF: I think that used to be the case when I was a younger artist. I think the scrutiny used to be, Who does she look like? Does she sound like Eddie? Does she have the same twinkle as Connie? I think all of that began to fall away as I got older and really proved myself. I have my own career and identity. I also have fans who have no idea who my parents are. For me that is somewhat gratifying because, while I love them both dearly, it means that the success comes from what I have delivered. For me that is a triumph! I have really worked hard to forge my own way.  

More: Your Hallmark film Cupid is being released on DVD (buy it here).
JF: I am so excited about this. It is such a cute movie, and one that I think people will enjoy. Plus, it is a perfect family movie, so much so that my kids were allowed to be on the set.

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