Julianna Margulies: Good Girl No More!

Her TV alter ego struck a chord with wronged women everywhere. Five successful seasons later, Julianna Margulies’s Good Wife is striking out on her own and warring with her former boss (and lover). Here, the actress opens up about her character—and her own gutsy real-life choices

by Leah Rozen
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The two wed in 2007, with Banks as maid of honor, and their son was born the next year. The family now lives in an apartment in downtown Manhattan and spends weekends at a second home in upstate New York. “We have this beautiful screened-in porch overlooking the Catskill Mountains. I always tell Keith, ‘One day you and I are going to be old and tired, and we’re going to sit on this porch and read every book we can get our hands on,’ ” says Margulies.

That kind of relaxed future wasn’t always in her sights. As an adolescent, she was a high achiever intent on getting into every college to which she applied. “I had this drive—and at one point when I had gotten straight A’s on my report card, my father jokingly said, ‘You know, if you had a B or a C, these A’s would really look amazing.’ I get it now. He was trying to tell me that you don’t have to kill yourself.”

It’s a life lesson she has taken to heart in her forties. “I lead a hectic, crazy life, but you know what?” she says. “I’m going to just lie and read with my kid for 20 minutes and put him to bed even though there are 20 phone calls waiting for me. They’ll all be there.”

She looks out the window at the snow, still coming down fast. “If we can get home,” she says, laughing. (Happy ending: She did.)

LEAH ROZEN profiled Emma Thompson in the December/January issue of More.

Julianna Margulies was previously profiled in the April 2012 issue of More.

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First published in the April 2014 issue

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