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The actress shares her sources of fun and inspiration

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We go to Deer Valley in Utah in the winter because my husband and my son ski. I gave up skiing not too long ago, because I was too scared I’d get hurt. And yet I just love looking at those snow-covered ski slopes.

Courtesy of Deer Valley Resort

I have drawings from when my son [Julian, now 16] was younger, but this one is recent. It’s very signature Julian to me: His sense of humor comes through. I think it’s funny that the guy doesn’t know that his limb is cut off.

Courtesy of Lisa Kudrow

My parents go to Nate ’n Al’s deli [in Beverly Hills] every day, and when I can, I go there with them. I only order scrambled eggs with cheese and crispy bacon, or oatmeal and crispy bacon. It’s not breakfast if there’s no bacon. The funny thing is, I never cook bacon at home.

Courtesy Of Nate ’N Al

Do I really need to explain why Meryl Streep inspires me? She’s the greatest actress who has ever lived!

Brigitte Lacombe

And Christian Bale, because he can do anything.

Vincent Peters/Trunk Archive

I started wearing Hermès Un Jardin sur le Nil perfume when my husband gave it to me as a gift. I usually don’t spray it on my skin; I spray it on my clothes.

Courtesy Of Hermès

For a while we went to the Bay of Saint-Tropez in France every summer, because my husband’s family is there. I’d spend the whole day at the pool with my son. There are umbrella pines against an ocean view and blue skies. It’s just the best.

Shutterstock/Istvan Csak

I don’t consider chocolate chip cookies a dessert; I consider them a staple. I make them. The secret? Using lots of butter, and no messing around with half white sugar and half brown sugar—it’s all brown sugar! And did I say lots of butter?

Anita Calero/Trunk Archive

I don’t think I’ve ever met Steven Spielberg, and I’ve never worked with him, but I find him inspiring in terms of (a) the talent level and (b) his vision, which is always really clear and specific. He takes difficult material and makes it digestible. And the subject matter that interests him is always really relevant.

NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

I love cats. I can’t have one, though, because my father, brother and sister are allergic to them, and we get together every week. Now we have two little dogs: a 12-year-old toy poodle named Woolly and a two-year-old Maltese-and-poodle mix named Emma.

Vincent Peters/Trunk Archive

Night-blooming jasmine is such a beautiful smell, and it’s naturally occurring, which is mind blowing to me. It’s in the atmosphere.

Ada Roth/age fotostock

I like certain desserts a lot, like chocolate soufflé, sticky toffee pudding and chocolate brioche bread pudding. They’re all comfort foods.Imakenone of those. I bake brownies and cookies from scratch.

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Everything looks great on Cate Blanchett and Katharine Hepburn. But there’s a taste level, mature and elegant, so that even if an outfit is thrown together, they still look like women to be taken seriously.

Courtesy Everett Collection

Two or three years ago, my husband, my son and I went to Fiji to an island called Laucala. It’s the most beautiful place. There were these frogs that would come out at sunset and get into your room if you didn’t shut your door, which was scary. I felt like I endured a plague every night, but then I got used to it, which made me feel really brave—like a person who can cope.

Courtesy of Laucala Island

I got involved with P.S. Arts [a nonprofit organization in L.A.] in 2003 or ’04. Now I’m on the board. They value and encourage arts education. Public school budgets get cut, and the first thing to go is the arts program, but it’s crucial.

Courtesy of P.S. Arts

I just started reading and listening to audiobooks about Sherlock Holmes. My father has always loved every story. I’m very attracted to automatons; Holmes is all about logic. His ability to know things seems mystical, but there’s actually a method, and it’s all very obvious to him. I feel maybe I could do that, too, if I just paid attention.

Buyenlarge/Getty Images

 I’ve always thought that in terms of looks, my husband [businessman Michel Stern] is it. The minute I saw him, I thought, That’s the best-looking man I’ve ever seen in my life, and he would never be interested in me. But he was, when we met again six years later.

Chris Weeks/FilmMagic

When I’m in France, I have a croissant and coffee for breakfast, sometimes a croissant and hot chocolate and sometimes both. To me, there’s nothing better for breakfast than croissants.

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First published in the July/August 2014 issue

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