Lois Lane's Style Evolution

June marks the 75th anniversary of the first Superman comic and our first sight of his career-minded love interest, "Daily Planet" scribe Lois Lane. The Man of Steel's couture (bodysuit and cape) hasn't changed much since those early days. Ms. Lane's, on the other hand, metamorphoses in each of her incarnations

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1952-58: "The Adventures of Superman"

Noel Neill

Neill (who replaced first-season actress Phyllis Coates) was coiffed and covered, an all-business career gal in tailored suits.

Everett Collection/Everett Collection

1978: "Superman: The Movie"

Margot Kidder

The bangs are sweet; the fashion sense is absent. Kidder’s Lane is no longer buttoned up, but her mind is on her job, not her looks.

© Warner Bros./Courtesy Of Everett Collection

1993-97: "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman"

Teri Hatcher

Whoa! Who let the pups out? Hatcher’s cleavage and barely-there frocks turned a single-minded reporter into a sizzling TV sex symbol.

ABC via Getty Images

2001-11: "Smallville"

Erica Durance


Jeans? Tanks? Latex? Introducing Lane in the fourth season of this teen fave, Durance dressed to get those hormones raging.

© Warner Bros./Courtesy Of Everett Collection

2006: "Superman Returns"

Kate Bosworth


Bosworth’s Lois, with the help of dowdy clothes and lackluster hair, shoved the fashion pendulum back so far, it’s hard even to tell what decade she’s in.

Warner Bros./Courtesy Of Everett Collection

Debuts June 14: "Man of Steel"

Amy Adams


With a 35+, Oscar-nominated actress in the role, the latest Lois should take an interesting turn (bye-bye, plunging necklines and polyester suits?).


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