Melissa Joan Hart Is All Grown Up

Time flies when you are having fun! In Melissa Joan Hart’s case, one minute it seems she's the adorable teen starring in “Clarissa Explains All.” The next, she's transformed into a mom of three boys headlining her third TV series, “Melissa & Joey.” MORE took a ride with the actress, traveling back into her past and then back to the present.

by Ilyssa Panitz • Celebrity Reporter
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Photograph: Scott Gries/Invision/AP

More: Speaking of happy, you are teaming up with The Hub, which is a really fun network to watch.
MJH: Yeah, and they air Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. At Christmastime they’ll even air a Sabrina marathon. Not only am I helping the network launch the new season of My Little Pony, but I also get to color in the world’s largest coloring book with my boys.    

More: You talked about your onetime hit Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. If you were really a witch and could grant yourself a wish, what would it be?
MJH: How about reversing Hurricane Sandy? I’ll also wish that my boys grow up to be loving, caring, smart and thoughtful people who are dedicated to society.

More: After the Sabrina series ended, did you have to reinvent yourself since you were on the path to becoming an adult?
MJH: Believe it or not, I was 20 when I started filming Sabrina. I was an adult playing a kid again. My reinvention came after Sabrina ended. I was 27 years old and in the process of getting married. After the show wrapped, my day-to-day activity was gone and I needed to find things to do with my time.

More: Which were?
MJH: I did a lot of charity work, spent time with my husband and became a mom. I can say, when I did Dancing with the Stars that was a bit of a reinvention, because I was trying to be more of a glamorous woman. I felt it was time to wear heels, lipstick and pretty clothes. I never learned how to style myself because I always had people doing it for me. In fact, I am still trying to figure out how to put on eyeliner.  

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