Mrs. Big Hits It Big

Though we all  know her as Carrie’s rival on Sex and the City, her starring role in a front-page scandal  nearly overshadowed her career. But now Bridget Moynahan comes on strong—and kicks butt in the hit series Blue Bloods and a blockbuster movie, Battle: Los Angeles.

By Meryl Gordon

It’s three weeks after our first interview, and Moynahan is on the set of Blue Bloods, filming at a drafty soundstage on a gritty Brooklyn block. Dressed in jeans and a V-neck blue sweater, she greets me laughing, announcing, “I thought I lost my American Express card and license again, but I found them in my jeans, lying on the floor.” On this Friday afternoon, she is counting the hours until the weekend begins, looking forward to taking Jack ice skating at Rockefeller Center. “We were looking for a real confident, hang-with-the-boys kind of woman” to play the character of Erin Reagan-Boyle, recalls executive producer Goldberg, and Moynahan is living up to that description.

“I have a soft spot for her,” says Selleck, who confesses he’s taking his role as her TV father seriously, to the point of feeling protective. “She has a joie de vivre, she’s got a great sense of humor, she can mix it up with anyone.”

Today the whole cast is mixing it up, filming a scene in which four generations sit around the Sunday dinner table. During breaks, Moynahan jokes with the rest of the cast, her high spirits boosting the mood. This ensemble series clearly suits what she wants for her family life right now. “I promised myself I’d never do a single-lead TV show,” she says. “I don’t think it’s worth it. We were all looking at this show as, It’s going to provide us with a life on top of a quality show. Quality life, quality show.” Looking back on her earlier career, she says, “When you’re doing a project, you measure time by ‘Oh, I was in Freeport for that movie.’ ” For Moynahan, those days are over. “The only way I’m telling time now is through my son.”


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First Published February 7, 2011

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Nancy McGee03.18.2011

"I'm Catholic, but I also support pro-choice. That's a fun balance." What the heck does THAT mean? A "FUN balance"??! There's nothing "fun" about abortion. You can be either Catholic or pro-choice, but not both.

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