Pauley Perrette, Our May 2013 Woman of Interest

NCIS’s forensic scientist proves that in real life she’s down to earth

by David Hutchings
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Pauley Perrette on shooting her 10th season as Abby, NCIS’s tattooed forensic scientist
PP: There is an international obsession with the character. Each year at Halloween I get thousands of photos of people dressed like her.

On modeling Abby on her rescue dog CeCe
PP: My Chihuahua stands very straight, with her ears perked up. Abby cocks her head and moves just like CeCe.

On her secret past
PP: I was homecoming queen back in Georgia. In real life I’m a blonde with curly hair, and in Georgia that was big, humid hair. I can still wear the homecoming dress I bought off the rack on sale for $10—I’m very frugal.

On sounding off
PP: My band is Stop Making Friends, and I write political, humorous songs. One is about the economy, another is about crazy people, but my favorite is one I wrote for my mom, who passed away last year.

On reaching out
PP: I’m not a “thing” person. I drive an old car, my only vacations are to visit my family, and I don’t spend money on clothes or jewelry. I spend my time and money on charities. I work with AIDS projects, crime fighters, animal rescue and the homeless. Right now my energy is directed toward equal rights. Marriage should be for everybody.

On chilling out
PP: My happy place is sitting on my couch drinking a beer and watching TV with my three dogs. I studied criminal science in college, and I wanted to be a detective, so America’s Most Wanted was my favorite show, and John Walsh was my hero. But mainly I’m a news junkie.

On her pet project
PP: I teach my dogs sign language, but I’ve always wished I could actually talk to them. Then I could tell dear CeCe why she shouldn’t pee on the couch.

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First published in the May 2013 issue of More

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