Ricki Lake Takes Center Stage

The big screen, the small screen and even the bookshelves at Barnes & Noble—Ricki Lake has conquered them all. Although she is savoring every minute of her success, her climb to the top came with a few punches along the way. But Lake was determined to push forward and find her happy ending, which she did

by Ilyssa Panitz • More.com Celebrity Reporter
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More: How did your boys react to you getting remarried?
RL: They really love him. It is amazing. I have a 15-year-old and an 11-year-old. They are doing such amazing work as artists and musicians and everyone gets along great. Plus, we added a new addition to the family. I met this seven-year-old girl, Tori, and her mom, who adopted her from foster care, on Twitter (www.torigaga.com). She has a disease called NF1 [neurofibromatosis type 1], which is a genetic disease in which tumors grow on your nerve endings. She has 15 months on chemotherapy ahead of her. I basically adopted them, and not only have the family stay with us but took her to see a round of doctors. This is a time of transition for me and my priorities have really shifted. I have this beautiful family and now another family to blend with mine. It makes me appreciate things so much more. The complaints I had before I met Tori and her mom have become fewer.

More: You recently lost a lot of weight. How did you do it?
RL: I had no choice. I was doing Dancing with the Stars and was working out seven days a week. I wanted to feel and look my best while I was on the program. When I turned 40, my priorities shifted. It is not necessarily fitting into a specific size—you just want to feel great. I do Soul Cycle. I confess, I am addicted and I love how I feel afterward.

More: In 2007 you went public with a very personal story: you were sexually abused.
RL: I have always been outspoken and candid about my own hardships and triumphs. It is not something that is calculated. If it helps other people and helps me come to terms with what I was going through in life, then I am happy to talk about it. After I started talking about it I didn’t feel as alone, which is very healing.

More: Was it hard to admit something like this?
RL: Talking about my weight is so personal, too, but I do it. Once you decide to become a public figure you have a responsibility, even if you are heavily flawed. I am someone whom people have seen at 260 pounds, married, divorced and then madly in love. There are high and lows in life, and I feel some sense of responsibility to be forthcoming. When it comes to the hardships I have faced, I talk about them not only as a way to help others but because it is cathartic for me as well.

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