Sex Before the Internet

Aubrey Plaza’s raunchy “To Do List” recalls a time when teens couldn’t Google for information

by Susan Toepfer • MORE Features/Entertainment Editor
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Not exactly "The Joy of Sex": Plaza tries to find sexual positions in the dictionary in "The To Do List," set in 1993.
Photograph: Bonnie Osborne

More: Did it help that the director was a woman?
A.P.: For sure. I felt like we were on the same page, that we were sensitive to things that guys wouldn’t think about.

More: What was your character’s funniest misinterpretation of a sexual act?
A.P.: The pearl necklace thing was pretty funny: “That sounds really elegant.” Brandy is so sweet but so naïve—maybe naïve is the wrong word—she’s just literal. 

More: What are your hopes for the movie?
A.P.: I hope that people like it and that they think it’s really funny in a not funny-for-a-girl kind of way. That people don’t lump it in a category. I hope it makes it to Delaware, to my hometown. Actually, no, I don’t want my family to see it.

More: How does your family feel about the role?
A.P.: My family is very supportive. They’ll go with the flow, but you know, I’m a little nervous for my grandparents to see it. It’s a little out there. But the comedy will help.

More: Do you think guys will show up for The To Do List
A.P.: I hope guys will go, but there’s not a lot of topless girls in it. I hope guys will show up for like normal size cleavage. And there are funny guys in the movie.

More: Did you feel the kind of sexual pressure that Brandy does when you were a kid?
A.P.: A lot of girls do feel that peer pressure, but I don’t think I did. I went to a Catholic school, so I was very afraid of losing my virginity. I assumed I would immediately get pregnant with twins.

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