Unique Gifts for the Deserving Dad

Finding just the right gift for Father’s Day isn’t always easy. But MORE comes to the rescue with 24 great ideas. Just click through to find the one that suits your dad and will surprise him, too.

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Remote Control Cooler

Your beloved couch potato need not abandon his throne this Father’s Day. Enable your sedentary sweetie with a remote control cooler that brings a cold one straight to him. Just point and steer: The robo-cooler moves forward, goes backward, spins and makes turns. Serving up to a dozen beverages, this collapsible bar makes for a great party trick as well as a relaxed man’s sidekick.




Table Grill

Because sometimes great barbecues happen beyond the backyard. Weighing in at 11 pounds, this portable porcelain and stainless steel table grill is an easy carry for Dad. Fire it up at the beach, in the park or in the stadium lot. Tailgating was never so simple!




“Dad” BBQ Brander

This stainless steel branding iron is a perfect pick for the territorial grill sergeant who won’t let anyone lay a finger on his fire pit. Dear old D-A-D can tout his superior BBQ skills by heating the iron and “steaking” his claim on all his perfect patties. No burger served without Dad’s stamp of approval.



Texas Irons

Garage-Door Covers

Does he dream of a villa in Italy? How about his very own jet plane? Maybe a 1958 Jag? If your budget doesn’t cover his costly fantasy, try these instead! Available in 350 designs, easily attachable photo covers will fool passersby into thinking he has, say, a one-of-a-kind sports car in the garage or that the driveway leads into a Tuscan hillside.




Man Crates

Created by men for men, these hypermasculine gift sets promise to be the no-fail choice for the dad in your life—equal parts humor, fun and functionality. The Golfer’s Crate includes a six-in-one tool as well as Arnold Palmer and Caddyshack DVDs, while the Retro Gamer Crate contains a plug-and-play Atari game, Big League Chew and Cracker Jacks. All Man Crates come sealed in a wooden box, with a crowbar for Dad to pry it open and flaunt his big biceps. “No bows, ribbons or fluff,” the website says.




Wines That Rock

Nothing feeds the body and soul quite like the combo of music and spirits. Gift the virtuoso dad a unique wine collection customized to capture the essence of classic rock-and-roll albums. One set includes Pink Floyd’s Cabernet Sauvignon, Rolling Stones Forty Licks Merlot, Grateful Dead Red Blend and the Police Synchronicity Red Wine. Rock on!



Wines That Rock

Hermetus Bottle Opener and Resealer

Dad can save some of his favorite brew for later with this pocket-size product. The resealer ensures that the beer stays fresh and doesn’t spill, so not a drop is wasted.




Homemade Gin Kit

Here’s an economical way for Dad to test his hand at mixing his own spirits. All he’ll need to add is his favorite brand of vodka. Bonus: When he’s finished, the mixing bottles are sophisticated displays for his creation.




USB Cuff Links

Your father will be the most connected guy at the office with these techie cuff links. The beauty is not skin deep. Underneath the rhodium-plated metal and silver finish lie his tools to success: One cuff link houses a fully functional 2 GB USB flash drive, while the other conceals a mini router, designed to turn your laptop/tablet/smartphone into a Wi-Fi hot spot.




Scanner Mouse

For the gadget geek or the busy businessman, this seemingly ordinary computer mouse doubles as an easy-to-use, wonderfully convenient scanner. Just glide your mouse over the desired document, in any pattern of motion, and the image will appear on the screen.




Necktie with a Twist

Yes, a necktie for Father’s Day may be the ultimate cliché, but not when it’s printed with step-by-step instructions on how to tie one properly. The man in your life will be amused—and you may finally be off tying duty.







Inspired by the Corkcicle, which keeps wine cold at the dinner table, the Chillsner is the first-ever built-in beer cooler. Simply freeze the Chillsner, take a sip of your beer and cap it off with the Arctic-like cooling device. Now you won’t feel bad asking your man to start the BBQ or run an errand even after he’s cracked a beer—it’ll stay cold for hours.




Opena Case

Make sure Dad is always prepared when 5 o’clock rolls around. This iPhone case features a slide-out bottle opener that locks into place when it’s not in use. And it’s doubly functional: The hard shell casing offers sturdy iPhone protection.




Love of Beer Chocolate Box

Chocolate and beer: What’s not to love? The brewers at Samuel Adams teamed up with the artisans at TCHO chocolates to bring you the Love of Beer Chocolate Box. It contains 12 PureNotes Dark “Chocolatey” bars and pairing notes to help you team the bars with Sam Adams’s classic Boston Lager (found wherever beer is sold).



Sam Adams

Golf Ball Finder

Ideal for the dad whose golf balls are more likely to end up in the woods than on the green. The device can track down microchipped Prazza golf balls up to 100 meters away.




Rent a Ferrari

Rent your father’s dream car for a day from most rental car companies, including Gotham Dream Cars. Dad can drive around on cloud nine in the car he’s only fantasized about driving.




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Design Your Own Bumper Sticker

Does Dad have his own catchphrase? Is he passionate about a particular cause? Does he vent about the same subject over and over at the dinner table? Order a personalized bumper sticker so he can express his views to the world (and perhaps not so much to you anymore).




The Prophets of Smoked Meat

The BBQ editor of Texas Monthly presents a comprehensive guide to Texas barbecue. With recipes from grill masters statewide and an array of mouthwatering photos, this book will provide Dad with all the inspiration he’ll need for the next summer BBQ.



Audible Books

For the dad who’s always on the go, try a gift certificate to Audible.com so he can listen to a good read while exercising, driving back and forth to work or just relaxing.




Jack Reacher

It’s more than possible that Dad has read some of Lee Child’s engrossing Jack Reacher thrillers. If not, you might wrap one up along with Tom Cruise’s movie, now on Blu-ray/DVD. Traveling without suitcase or final destination, Reacher is the ultimate kick-ass antihero, and though he’s far from the physical giant described in Child’s books, Cruise has the superhero chops to pull off the role.



Classic Shaving Products

Try traditional shaving soaps and brushes for the nostalgic father who detests today’s spray-foam cans.




Anti-Aging for Him

With the launch of the Boots No7 Men high-tech skin-care line, Dad doesn’t have to swipe your mother’s night cream anymore. Entice him into an anti-aging regimen with light masculine scents and workhorse ingredients like retinol and vitamin C. Then watch him marvel at how the cooling, firming eye rollerball feels after a hot summer day.



Boots No 7

Timex Watch

Here’s practical and sophisticated wrist candy from Timex. This “Intelligent Quartz” Fly-Back Chronograph timepiece is water resistant up to 100 meters and features an Indiglo night-light feature, ideal for transitioning from poolside days to cabana nights.




Men’s Bryce Sandals

The comfiest summer sandals are now also the safest. Whether your father is active and on his feet all day or recovering from an injury, nab him the only flip-flops recommended and approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. This classic pair from Vionic provides superior traction and a cushioned, contoured footbed for added stability. But with the sporty leather design, all he will see is style.




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