Watch Your Back, Jack Bauer!

Mary Lynn Rajskub dishes on the newest season of 24 and the twists in store for her character Chloe

by Carita Rizzo
Photograph: Christopher Raphael/Fox

Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) has returned to save the world in 24: Live Another Day (debuts May 5)—but Mary Lynn Rajskub, 42, who plays his trusty ally, Chloe, divulges she's no longer on team Bauer.

Q. Chloe is now Jack's enemy?
A. The initial reaction from fans is "Oh, no!" But the way we reveal them [as rivals] is exciting. I had a few scenes with Kiefer where I was really mean to him. I don't think that's ever happened!"

Q. Why is she so mad?
A. Everything blew up in her face as she put her neck out for him. She was stung.

Q. Tell us about your new look.
A. It's funny to me that I'm a grown woman and I [get to be] that goth punk rocker I never was in high school. I haven't had my hair short my whole adult life. It's kind of liberating.

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First published in the May 2014 issue

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