What to Watch Now: The English Teacher

Julianne Moore stars in a charming new comedy

by Susan Toepfer • MORE Features/Entertainment Editor
CAPTION: Julianne Moore and Michael Angarano consider a scene.

Even before it debuts at the Tribeca Film Festival—or opens in theaters—you can catch this quirky comedy on video on demand. Julianne Moore stars as Linda Sinclair, a small town schoolteacher who lives for little more than her classes and cats. But when a former star student (Michael Angarano) reappears, threatening to give up his dreams of becoming a playwright, she springs into action. Teaming up with overly enthusiastic drama teacher Carl (Nathan Lane), Linda decides to stage her protégé’s play as a high school production— with disastrous consequences. TV director Craig Zisk, making his big screen debut, breezily moves the action along with the help of a first-rate ensemble, including Greg Kinnear, Jessica Hecht and Norbert Leo Butz.
On VOD April 16. In theaters May 17.

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