Woman of Interest: Regina King

Regina King on TNT's "Southland," moving forward and being a mom

by Leah Rozen
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Photograph: Photographed by Ari Michelson

She begins season five as Detective Lydia Adams on TNT’s Southland February 13. I like that Lydia is complex. It seems as though we still have a lot more to learn about her.

Copping out. I have no desire to be an officer. This show made that clear for me. I’d much rather act like a cop than be a cop.

Moving forward I just completed directing Let the Church Say Amen, a movie of the week for BET. I’d like to add that to my list of things that make up Regina: mom [she has a 16-year-old son], actress, director.

Mother love Being a mom is probably the most gratifying thing I’ve experienced. The hard part is just watching him grow up, letting go and knowing when. There’s no science to motherhood. It’s tough navigating what’s best for your child.

Listen up I’ve learned how much more you get out of life when you listen. When you take the time to really listen, you re­alize that sometimes what someone is saying is not necessarily what they’re feeling. Listen with more than your ears.

You have written about the lack of Emmy nominations for people of color I’m glad I wrote that piece. It’s tough not being recognized as a black actor. Actors of other colors agree—Lucy Liu and George Lopez said something to me. I feel like it’s my responsibility to speak up. It came from a really honest place. But I don’t want that to be the focal point of my career or who I am.

Kitchen confidential I’m a really good cook, a great cook. I cook pretty much everything. The only thing I haven’t tried: I’ve never made a soufflé, because I just don’t like to fail.

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First published in the February 2013 issue

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