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19 Mindblowing Facts about the Uber-Cool Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose has nowhere to go but up! The model, actress, DJ, philanthropist, and anti-bullying advocate for LGBTQ youth was thrust into the spotlight after her breakout role in Netflix's Orange Is the New Black and has skyrocketed to fame. Deadline even compared her to a "freight train." But, despite her sudden stardom, Ruby Rose hasn't changed one bit. She remains a passionate and unique LBGTQ role models, a dedicated actress, and so much more.

"Ruby" Is Her Real Name

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Ruby Rose Langenheim was born to her single mother in Melbourne, Australia, on March 20, 1986. And unlike many stars, Ruby Rose actually goes by her birth name.

"Orange" Got Her Famous

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Rose's start in American television came as a member of the cast of Orange Is the New Black. On the show, she stars as inmate Stella Carlin, debuting in season 3.

She's Been Modeling since Age 16

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Girlfriend Magazine

Her first time in the limelight was taking part in the Girlfriend model search in 2002. Despite placing second, she skyrocketed to fame as a model.

She Came Out at 12

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Coming out of the closet can be a challenge for many LGBTQ youth. Ruby Rose came out to her mother at the young age of 12.

She's Quite Inked

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Ruby Rose has tons of tattoos—approximately 60! Some are cartoon characters, like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but she also has more personal things, like a heart with her ex-fiancee's name inside.

She's a Filmmaker

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Rose is a champion for diversity in gender-identity expression. She produced, wrote, and starred in her own short about the subject. Called Break Free, the video has had over three million views.

She Was on MTV

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Getty / David Hardenberg / Stringer

Rose's resume includes a long list of accomplishments. She was even an MTV VJ for a period of time.

She Identifies as Genderfluid

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Rose considers herself "genderfluid." By her own terms, she feels "gender neutral."

She's a Knockout

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Don't pick a fight with Rose. She competed in a charity boxing match, winning after just three months' training for the event.

She's a Mental Health Warrior

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Rose is quite open about her history of mental health issues. She fights depression and has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

She's Anti-Bully

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After being bullied as a child for being different, she now uses her spotlight to spread awareness about anti-bullying initiatives to help youths cope and get help.

She Gives Back

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Ruby and her ex-fiancee Phoebe Dahl started an ethical clothing brand together. Haircloth and Supply donates a school uniform to a Nepali child for every item of clothing they sell.

She Was Born with It

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At the start of her career, Rose received a call from Maybelline, which she thought was an April Fool's joke. Being so alternative, she didn't think she was ever going to model for a mainstream brand. However, this was no joke at all!

She's a DJ

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Ruby also DJs on the side. She's been doing it since 2009 and has shared the stage with some huge acts, like Skrillex and Nicki Minaj.

She's Been on the Silver Screen

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Ruby has had her hand in film in addition to all the other amazing things she has done. Her film debut was in an Australian comedy, Suite for Fleur, in 2008.

She Has a Weird Pet

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An animal lover among many other things, Ruby even has a pet pig. Hazel the pig is as cute as you can imagine.

She's a Droid

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If you like science fiction, you can find Rose on Syfy's space thriller Dark Matter as Wendy, an android.

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