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20 of the Nicest Celebrities in Hollywood

Some celebrities have managed to make names for themselves rising above the fray of their elite status, making time for everyone, from the loyal fan to the restaurant waiter. Which is exactly why we’re recognizing some celebrity standouts who rightfully deserve our love and devotion.

Hugh Jackman

3 / 20

This entertainer blew away his naysayers with his well-lauded Oscar hosting duties, and he did it without ever losing class. He’s rarely found without that charismatic smile, even when stalked by his most rabid admirers. That usually includes the fanboy/fangirl crowd, thanks to his role as X-Men’s Wolverine. If Jackman can please the comic fans with his humbleness, he can please anyone.

Gina Rodriguez

4 / 20


Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez plays a sweetheart on TV and is apparently one in real life, too. The proof? When a fan asked to borrow Gina's 2015 Golden Globes gown for prom, the actress happily obliged. Imagine being on the recieving end of that act of celebrity kindness!

Jay Leno

7 / 20

Say what you will about the man’s comedy and talk show skills, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who says the late-night host isn’t a genuinely nice person. Leno consistently makes Autograph Magazine’s Top 10 Signers list and he recently announced that he would be throwing a free comedy night in Detroit for anyone who’s suffered an economic blow as a result of the worsening economy. It’s that kind of selfless attitude that earns Leno a spot on our list.

David Beckham

8 / 20

Not only is David Beckham handsome and talented, he's apparently ridiculously nice. Aside from being charitable, and cordial to fans, one ex-neighbor told the Daily Mail that the soccer star was super polite, even after being attacked by the neighbor's dog. Seriously, even us commoners usually can't achieve that level of kindness and understanding.

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Oprah Winfrey

9 / 20

She’s topped the most generous celebrity list for years through her charity contributions, and her generosity toward her audience has set a standard for every other talk show host worth her salt. And just when you thought Winfrey couldn’t give any more, she figured out a way to have others do it for her via her ABC show Oprah’s Big Give. Her philanthropy knows no bounds, putting Winfrey head and shoulders above her celebrity brethren and sistren in terms of kindness.

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Sarah Jessica Parker

11 / 20

She’s essentially Carrie Bradshaw without the bedpost notches. Fun, stylish, and incredibly endearing, Parker has long been adored by everyone for simply being herself. She’s the actress on set who takes extra steps to make sure no one is put out, as evidenced by stories from the Sex and the City shoot. She’s seen as affable without being phony, making her accessible to fans and preserving her sweetheart image

Steve Buscemi

12 / 20

Noam Galai/Getty Images

Steve Buscemi may have made a career out of playing unlikable characters, but in real life the actor is super likeable. One of the best stories of Steve Buscemi's unwaivering kindness and dedication after 9/11. Buscemi, who was a firefighter before he started acting, returned to New York City and spent five days digging through the rubble as a volunteer.

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Dave Chappelle

13 / 20

Lester Cohen/Getty Images

One fan shared a story on Reddit of running into Dave Chappelle at a hotel. Not only was the comedian friendly with his fans, he actually invited them to come hang out with him at a hookah bar, where they chilled, smoked, and swapped stories for four hours. The post even includes photographic proof. Seriously, how does that even happen?

Tom Hanks

14 / 20

They say he’s eased up on the autograph-signing front these days, but Hanks is generally considered among Hollywood’s top good guys. He’s a dedicated husband (to actress Rita Wilson) and he doesn’t have an air about him that many actors possess.

Ellen DeGeneres

16 / 20

She’s the woman you can envision among your group of friends. Down to earth, hilariously self-deprecating, and cool to fans, DeGeneres has nailed the art of connecting with people on and off camera. Plus, she’s open about who she is and isn’t afraid to put herself out there, making her the real deal.

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Barack Obama

18 / 20

Sure, his official title is Leader of the Free World, but he’s also a bonafide superstar who’s as comfortable on a basketball court as much as he is on the national stage. And what other celebrity can claim the covers of TimeEntertainment Weekly, and the Amazing Spider-Man? Obama’s proven he can hobnob comfortably with his constituents as well as possess the patience to sign autographs for fellow politicians following a congressional speech. No doubt, our President is indeed celebrity royalty sans the attitude.

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