Josh Duhamel Talks Married Life with Fergie and Adoption

MORE got a taste of what it would be like to hit the “Las Vegas” jackpot by “Winning a Date with Tad Hamilton” or, in this case, Josh Duhamel! Read the edited version of our interview with him below about being married to Black Eyed Peas lead singer Fergie and their plans to start a family

by Ilyssa Panitz • Celebrity Reporter
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More: True or false: There is a rumor your wife, Stacy Ferguson (aka Fergie), is leaving the Black Eyed Peas.
Josh Duhamel: No. Not true. They are just taking time. There are certain things she wants to do personally and professionally. The Black Eyed Peas cannot be done because they are way too much fun!

More: You two tied the knot back in 2009. Has everyone been pressuring you to have a baby?
JD: Yes, we get that a lot. However, we have a plan, and it is coming very soon.

More: Do you want to break some news?
JD: [Laughs.] No, we are not pregnant. Before we adopt another dog, we would like to start raising a human, and then down the road we will adopt another dog.

More: How is married life?
JD: It is great, and she is an incredible girl.

More: How has married life changed you?
JD: For any guy getting married, when you take that plunge—especially with the right girl—it makes life better. You are more grounded, you are more stable, and there is something consistent and real. That is one of the things I love about Fergs. It is never boring for sure, and she is someone I can trust that will always be there.

More: What does a famous couple like you do when you are both not working?
JD: We have our routine. Saturday nights we go to church and dinner afterward. We also like to take hikes and work out, and we even have certain TV shows that we like watching. We also love to cook. We are a lot more normal than people think.

More: Is having a high-profile marriage a lot of pressure?
JD: Yeah, but that is what is so great about us. We have similar backgrounds, similar parents and similar upbringings. Despite all the chaos, it is really quite normal.

More: Your best onscreen kiss was with . . .
JD: That answer will get me in trouble. Are you kidding me? [Laughs.]

More: Has there ever been a published report about you that got under your skin?
JD: It comes with the territory and is part of the reason I don’t read it. It is too easy for people to get online and say mean things about you. It is also easy to hide behind a computer and spew hatred. Who does it help? If anything, it just perpetuates bad behavior. I have better things to do with my time than read that stuff.

More: Good for you!
JD: It is easy to get caught up in that stuff. When you do start to read it, you change the way you live. Screw that. I would rather just live my life because I know I am doing the right thing. If they don’t like it, so what?

More: You are working on four movies while your wife is usually on tour somewhere on the planet. How do you avoid long absences when you are being pulled in different directions?
JD: We have a rule. We don’t go more than two weeks without seeing each other. If she is on tour, I will meet up with her, or if I am on a movie, she will come out to where I am filming. Like now, I am shooting in North Carolina, and she is staying with me for a week or two. When we were first together, we didn’t realize it is too difficult to go more than two weeks without being together. We want to stay tight. That is our number-one priority.

More: You and your wife travel a lot for your work. What do you do with your beloved pooches when you are on the road?
JD: We leave them in the backyard to play with the squirrels [laughs]. Seriously, we have a dog sitter who my former costar Molly Sims recommended. Zoe has a blast because she is on a never-ending playdate, since she tends to be with other dogs.

More: Do you feel taking care of dogs has prepared you and your wife for parenthood?
JD: Absolutely! I never had any type of responsibility before this. It requires you to think outside of yourself and care for something other than yourself.

More: You are part of the Hollywood “adoption” trend.
JD: Yes, only in my case we are talking canines and felines.

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