Not Your Grandmother’s Mother’s Day: 6 New Gift Ideas

Sure, the facial and/or massage is the classic gift for Mom—but this year why not devote some time and money to helping this beloved parent achieve what is probably one of her dearest goals: staying young at heart?  Choose from this list with her age and physical condition in mind—but all of these activities will get the two of you out of the day spa and into a bonding experience 

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Rent a rowboat

Mother’s Day, and the livin’ is easy. The joy of rowboating on a pretty local lake is that you can do all the work while your mother can “be the girl” and trail her hand in the water. If she’s fit enough, and game enough, escalate this idea to “rent a double kayak”—but once again, count on doing most of the oarpulling yourself. 


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Do some rock climbing

You don’t have to trek to a mountain range; most cities offer indoor facilities. If she (and/or you) is a newbie, the children’s “bunny slope” should suit you fine.  Safety harnesses ensure that you’ll have the fun of a challenge without any of the risk. 


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Take a trapeze class

If your mom a Class-A intrepid?  If so, show her how much you appreciated all those childhood trips to the circus with a flying trapeze class. You’ll be launched, quite literally, out of your comfort zones.


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Taste some wine

Here, the only physical skills required are the ability to drive a car and lift a glass. Research a pretty spot, then drive out there, soak in the scenery over a glass of merlot and catch up on each other’s news as you watch the sun set. Or take the DIY route and visit a nice lookout spot with your own bottle (sign up for More’s wine club at and you’ll have plenty of good choices). 


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Ride a horse

Anyone can take a midday walk in the park—this time try it on horseback. Most stables have a few friendly, experienced steeds (and bridle-path guides) who know how to handle first-timers gently. This is a great way to be active without working up a sweat, while still being able to chat as you go.  


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Flying hundreds of feet over the ground, no airplane required, is a surefire way to escape the brunch rut. And it’s a riveting experience of the bird’s-eye view. By the time you reach the end of the zipline, it’ll be time for a Mother’s Day cocktail.


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