Snapshots of Belize

Jaguars and jungles and temples-oh my! Flip through images of this lush Central American country.
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Call of the wild

A two-year-old jaguar named Junior, at the Belize Zoo.
Photo by: Jessica Antola

In the jungle

The forest in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, the world’s first jaguar preserve, in south-central Belize.
Photo by: Jessica Antola

A tough job

Katherine Lanpher, who traveled to Belize in search of jaguars, and Rudy Ramirez, a naturalist who grew up in the country, track the elusive animal.
Photo by: Jessica Antola

Wishful thinking

A jaguar crossing sign, where tourists hope to see the coveted cat.
Photo by: Jessica Antola

The blessing

Aurora Garcia Saqui, who runs a booming business dispensing Mayan blessings, offers one to Katherine Lanpher. Here, she wraps the leaf of a pheasant tail plant around Lanpher’s wrists. It’s supposed to draw out negativity.
Photo by: Jessica Antola

A pretty canopy

A cohune palm tree in the old growth forest at the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary.
Photo by: Jessica Antola

Where the crocodiles roam

A view of the New River, in northern Belize.
Photo by: Jessica Antola

Ancient artifacts

A stone face at the Lamanai temples.
Photo by: Jessica Antola

Rest stop

The Lamanai Outpost Lodge.
Photo by: Jessica Antola

A friendly face

Paula Mejis Gomez, who helps run Las Orquideas, a restaurant in Indian Church Village, near Lamanai.
Photo by: Jessica Antola

Down by the water

A baby croc, seen along the New River.
Photo by: Jessica Antola

Staying the night

A cabana at La Milpa, a field station that welcomes tourists.
Photo by: Jessica Antola

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Photo by: Bobby Fisher

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