Top 10 Travel-Inspiring Movies it’s towering mountains or elegant architecture, nothing inspires you to travel quite like seeing a place on the big screen.

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favorite travel-inspiring movies
The landscape of New Zealand was the real star of Lord of the Rings

Of course, everybody has their favorites, but here are 10 movies that will surely stoke your travel fantasies.

Everything about French film Amélie is beautiful, as is Paris where it’s set, and Death in Venice captures the decaying grandeur of that Italian city perfectly.

If tropical vistas are more your thing, then the island of Bali forms the spellbinding backdrop to Eat Pray Love. For a classic adventure story Indiana Jones—all four installments—will have you dreaming of taking on the world with just your fedora hat and a whip.

We’re not suggesting you visit Tolkien’s fantastical Middle Earth, but the landscape of New Zealand was the real star of Lord of the Rings. You’ll find more inspirational panoramas in Motorcycle Diaries, ranging from remote Andean villages to the majestic ruins of Machu Picchu. It will have you hunting for a cheap fare to South America.

Filmed in Kenya, Out of Africa shows the game reserves of east Africa in all their wild glory. The Darjeeling Limited makes traveling around India by train with dysfunctional siblings appear fun, while life under the Southeast Asian sun looks pretty good in The Beach.

And an oldie but a goodie, Roman Holiday will have you wanting to take your own vacation to the Eternal City right after the credits roll.

Here are IL’s choices for the top 10 travel-inspiring movies:

1. Amélie

2. Death in Venice

3. Eat Pray Love

4. Indiana Jones

5. Lord of the Rings

6. Motorcycle Diaries

7. Out of Africa

8. The Darjeeling Limited

9. The Beach

10. Roman Holiday

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First Published November 21, 2011

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