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12 Of The Best New Books To Read Poolside This Summer

Looking for a good novel to engross yourself in as you lounge by the water this summer? We've listed some of our favorite fiction and nonfiction books coming out this season, and these 12 made the cut.

'When Dimple Met Rishi' by Sandhya Menon

1 / 12

Written from two alternating persepctives, one of this summer's already most buzzed about books When Dimple Met Rishi follows two Indian-American teenagers whose parents have arranged their marriage to one another. Dimple and Rishi will be attending the same summer program and have very different opinions on their parents' arrangement for their futures.

Look for its release on May 30 to find out what happens when opposities collide and love sneaks through!

'Hunger: A Memoir Of (My) Body' by Roxane Gay

2 / 12

In an intensely honest and vulnerable read, Roxane Gay's Hunger: A Memoir Of (My) Body openly discusses struggles with food and self-image, and what it means to truly take care of yourself, not just physically. She takes the time to explore how an act of violence in her past affects her present, and she brings readers along on her journey to understand and love herself.

You won't want to miss out on this intimate read come June 13!

'Spellbook Of The Lost And Found' by Moïra Fowley-Doyle

3 / 12

After one particularly stormy Irish night, Olive and her best friend Rose begin to lose simple items out of their homes (i.e. hairclips, jewelry, etc.). However. when Rose starts to grow distant, Olive realizes that her best friend has lost something much bigger, something she won't talk about.

Soon after this realization, seductive diary pages written by a girl named Laurel begin to appear around their small Irish town, and Olive meets three mysterious strangers — Ivy, Hazel, and Hazel's twin brother Rowan — squatting in an abandoned housing estate. While alluring, the trio also seems lost and like they're holding onto painful secrets. After the group discovers a spellbook that could possibly set everything right, they also realize that it might be leading them toward secrets that were never meant to be discovered.

Find out if the lost can be found on June 1!

'Want' by Cindy Pon

4 / 12

Author Cindy Pon presents the world a thrilling sci-fi story in Want that takes place in the not-so-distant future in Taipei. The city's socioeconomic divisions make it so the rich can use their wealth to buy longer lives and special protections from the extreme amounts of pollution and resulting fatal illnesses that plague the city. But teenager Jason Zhou, who lost his mother to the city's corruption, and his friends are determined to set their world straight.

Grab a copy for yourself on June 13 to find out if Zhou can really make a change or if falling in love and the seemingly indestructable corruption will hold him back.

'The Unlikelies' by Carrie Firestone

5 / 12

When high school senior Sadie steps in to help rescue a baby in distress and a video of her good deed goes viral, life as she knows changes overnight. All of her summer plans are all of a sudden thrown to the wayside when she's introduced to five other teenage "hometown heroes." However, when the group of "do-gooders" tries to help a heroin-using friend, they get in over their heads and end up learning a lot of lessons along the way.

Follow the rest of Sadie and her friends' story on June 6.

'Bad Romance' by Heather Demetrios

6 / 12

From a wretched and unloving home life, Grace meeting Gavin seems like a dream come true. He's everything she could want—from the outside looking in, at least. On the inside, he's controlling and dangerous, but by the time Grace realizes it, it seems too late to escape.

Grab a copy on June 13 to find out what happens next!

'The Library Of Fates' by Aditi Khorana

7 / 12

After attempting to offer herself over as the bride to the evil Emperor Sikander of Shalingar to keep the peace, Amrita finds her self a fugitive, alone except for an oracle named Thala whose life was destroyed by Sikander too. In an effort to reverse their fates and take them back to a time before Sikander stole their livelihoods, Thala encourages Amrita to go on a quest to find the fabled Library of All Things.

Find out on July 18 if Amrita will be able to restore what was lost or if another life awaits her. 

'Maybe In Paris' by Rebecca Christiansen

8 / 12

Following a suicide attempt by her autistic brother Levi and months of him being in the psych ward, Keira Braidwood takes him with her to jet off to Paris in an effort to escape a hovering mother and doctors. However, Levi's "quirks" begin to spoil the trip, and Keira begins to focus more on the hot Scottish bass player, Gable. But when Levi suddenly disappears from their hotel room, Keira realizes too late that her brother might just be much sicker than she was willing to believe. It's going to take a lot to tear down the long-standing walls between the siblings.

Follow along on June 20 to find out if it can be done.

'The Lying Game' by Ruth Ware

9 / 12

Ruth Ware's chilling new novel is about four formerly inseparable BFF's (Fatima, Thea, Isabel, and Kate) who were notorious from playing the Lying Game—a pastime where they told lies to other students and faculty in their boarding school of both serious and flippant nature to ensure that no one would bother them. However, when all of the girls were expelled in their final year of school following the mysterious death of the school's art teacher (who also happened to be Kate's dad), they found their little game had consequences.

Fast forward several years, a bonechilling discovery on the beach, and a text to the disbanded clique from Kate saying, "I need you," and you've got a twisting and thrilling novel that you won't want to put down come July 25.

'The Impossible Vastness Of Us' by Samantha Young

10 / 12

After covering her wreck of a home life by being at the top of the social ladder, India Maxwell finds herself across the country, friendless, and living in one of Boston's wealthiest neighborhoods with her mom's new fiancé and his daughter, Eloise. However, as she begins to get to know Eloise and her gorgeous, arrogant boyfriend Finn better, she finds that everyone's life is incredibly more complex than an outsider could see, and the secrets that they are keeping are big enough to change their lives forever.

See for yourself when it releases June 27.

'Little & Lion' by Brandy Colbert

11 / 12

Coming home to Los Angeles, where her friends, family, and crush, Emil are, from her boarding school in New England turned out to be a lot more complex than Suzette planned. Not only does her step-brother Lionel need her after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but Suzette also finds herself falling for someone new—the same girl her brother has fallen for. Full of tough decisions and complicated situations, Suzette has to learn how to confront her mistakes and find a way to help her brother.

Get your copy on August 8 to find out how she does it! 

'Juniper Lemon's Happiness Index' by Julie Israel

12 / 12

Sixty-five days after Juniper's sister Camilla died in an accident, she found a love letter written by her, mysteriously addressed to "You," but never delivered. While investigating You's identity, Juniper loses a card from her Happiness Index: a ritual started by her sister that has been holding her together since the accident. This particular card contains her own deep dark secret that nobody else can find out, and in her following quest for answers, she uncovers secrets and begins to make peace in her own heart.

Prepare to laugh and cry through this one come May 30!

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