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14 Of Our Favorite MerMay Designs Celebrating The Month Of Mermaids

Illustrator and former Disney animator Tom Bancroft started this year's #MerMay challenge, and so far, it has been totally epic. Artists from all over the world are creating mermaids and tagging them every day in the month of May, and it's SO fun. Here are some of our favorite illustrations, and take a look at #MerMay2017 and Bancroft's Instagram for more!

Digital Damsel

2 / 14

@pastel.pasty | Instagram

Digital artist @pastel.pasty shared this glowing masterpiece for the occasion. She's so beautiful, she's practically glowing!

Deep Sea Breakfast At Tiffany's

4 / 14

Okay, we're totally obsessed with this Audrey Hepburn-inspired mermaid by @raiansilva|ilustra. Not only was she an actress, model, dancer, and humanitarian, but now she can be a stunning sea creature, too!

Whale, Whale, Whale

6 / 14

This Mer-May illustration by @raiansilva|ilustra is exactly how we like to imagine the big, wide ocean creatures treat each other. They've got no troubles; life is the bubbles!

Lovely In Lace

8 / 14

@stephlewart | Instagram

This all-over lace mermaid by @stephlewart is too stunning for words. TBH, she looks totally ready for a MerMay wedding--flower crown included!

Deep Sea Mischief

9 / 14

@stephlewart | Instagram

What sea animals aren't mermaids friends with? This MerMay drawing from @stephlewart is too adorable. For goodness sakes, just look at that miniature sea horse.

Midnight Muse

10 / 14


raianesilva_ilustra | Instagram

Ugh. The different blue hues enhanced by that full midnight moon really make this illustration by @raianesilva_ilustra. Something about this piece makes us feel totally at ease!

Underwater Ogre

12 / 14

@borismaras| Instagram

Anyone getting some Peter Pettigrew vibes from this sketch by @borismaras? We can only imagine what this mer-king is thinking!

Jar Jar Binks

13 / 14

@borismaras | Instagram

LOL at how awesome this mash-up is between our favorite sea people and Jar Jar Binks. @borismaras totally nailed it!


14 / 14

@celtis_ | Instagram

We'd totally be way less scared of sharks if this is what they looked like IRL. Love the adorable combination of the ocean's finest by @celtis_.

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