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The Best Instagram Filter For Your Zodiac Sign

The right filter can make or break a photo on Instagram, but choosing the perfect lighting can seem nearly impossible. Using gorgeous designs from Flyover Design Co. we've discovered the ideal filters based on your zodiac sign, so your next Insta is sure to be a hit.

Aquarius: Perpetua

2 / 12

Our Aquarius friends are all about making the world a better place. As total humanitarians, the Perpetua filter's earthy-vibes are totally ideal for this eleventh sign of the zodiac.

Aries: Hefe

3 / 12

Bold and intense, the Hefe Insta filter is totally appropriate for this fire sign. Feeling extra fiery? Up the contrast and saturation to really drive home that Aries feel.

Taurus: Lark

4 / 12

Known for being even-tempered and patient, Lark is the ideal filter for our Taurus friends. With some outdoors-y vibes, it will reflect your tranquil, easygoing attitude in any picture.

Gemini: Moon

5 / 12

Similar to there being two sides of the moon, you never really know what side of a Gemini you're going to get. Insert the self-explanatory "Moon" filter. The side you choose to show the world is up to you.

Cancer: Nashville

6 / 12

With creativity being one of their strongest traits, of course the intensity of the color orange needs to be a part of a Cancer's ideal coloring. Try out the Nashville filter and add some orange tones to really bring out that creative streak!

Leo: Lo-Fi

7 / 12

If a Leo is anything at all, it's intense. And much like the Lo-Fi filter, people find it hard to look away from these folks. Amp up the warmth and saturation and drop the shadow while editing to really draw your followers in!

Virgo: Sierra

8 / 12

Methodical, practical, and intelligent are all traits that describe our Virgo friends, and the Sierra filter is the perfect complement. As an earth sign, Sierra's neutral, calming tones are an ideal way to offset some of the meticulousness that a Virgo tends to have.

Libra: Inkwell

9 / 12

Libra's are known for being the peacekeepers of the zodiac, and the balance of a black and white filter like Inkwell is a great way to give off vibes of harmony and peace in any photo.

Scorpio: X-Pro II

10 / 12

Known for their calm and cool behavior, Scorpios tend to have an air of mystery around them. The X-Pro II filter with an addition of a vingnette edit lets Scorpios continue to keep some parts hidden, which is just the way they like it.

Sagittarius: Juno

11 / 12

As one of the most independent signs, a Sagittarius values freedom and has a sense of curiousity that can't be stifled. The Juno filter will add brightness to images of their newfound discoveries and will encapsulate their adventures in its warm tones.

Capricorn: Willow

12 / 12

Much like a Willow tree, a Capricorn is seen as sturdy and reliable. The Willow filter shows the world just how hardworking and determined Capricorn folks truly are.

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