7 Reasons We Love an Older Guy

As a man's age increases, so does his his upkeep

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As much as I adore my forty-something husband, I do understand why women my age often make a beeline to Cougar Town the second time around. Have you ever priced the upkeep on a middle-aged man? As men age, their standards change. For example, I married someone who at 23 didn't even own sheets. But now? He gets hives if he's not sleeping on 600-thread-count Egyptian cotton. 



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At 23, guys are thrilled to receive a birthday six-pack.


At 43, they draw up blueprints to convert the garage to a craft brewery.



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At 23, they check their iPhone clock.


At 43, they note the time on their Oyster Perpetual Datejust Rolex, water resistant to 10 atmospheres.



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At 23, they road-trip in a buddy's van.


At 43, they upgrade to first class.



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At 23, they cut across the grass to hop into their used car.


At 43, their custom lawn mower costs more than their first car.



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At 23, they clip their nails over the sink.


At 43, they put the man in manicure.



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At 23, they wear whatever's in the laundry bag.


At 43, they wear whatever their personal shopper puts in their bag.



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Originally published in the October 2012 issue

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Deborah 05.02.2013

You must be talking about "metro-sexual", high earning men in cosmopolitan cities. Here in redneck Fla my 43 year old is thrilled to receive a $5 bottle of wine for his birthday and I'm lucky if he cleans out the dirt from underneath his fingernails (he's a mechanic).....

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