8 Quirky Menorahs

Break out of your meno-rut! These eight fresh—and (we hope) funny—takes on the traditional menorah are a great way to add a little spark to your Hanukkah decorations this year

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The Menurkey

The menorah making the most waves this year is the Menurkey. Created by an ambitious 9-year-old, this ingenious turkey-menorah hybrid is a great way to commemorate the once-in-a-lifetime celebration of Thanksgivvukah. 


$50, Menurkey.com

Photo courtesy of Menurkey.com

Ketzel the Cat

If cats are what tickle your fancy, old Ketzel is the perfect holiday companion. With Hanukkah candles on his back and dancing shoes on his feet, he will light up any room.


$48, Traditions Jewish Gifts

Photo courtesy of TraditionsJewishGifts.com

The Hora Menorah

This menorah hits the nail on the top hat. When you’re finished saying the blessings over this handmade candleholder, grab your loved ones and dance the hora ‘round the menorah until the flame subsides.

$150, Etsy

Photo courtesy of Etsy.com

High Heel Shoes Menorah

Nine chic shoes for $60? Talk about a Hanukkah miracle! With one for each night (and a sky-high stiletto for the shammash!) this high-heeled Hanukkiah completes any shoe collection.


$60, Menorah.com

Photo courtesy of Menorah.com

Glowing Menorah

Fear not, fire-averse this is the menorah for you. Just break and shake the glow sticks for a hazard-free fête. The neon glow will illuminate the room long after the last latke is devoured.



$32, DCI

Menorah Cork

Here’s a menorah that’s both festive and functional. Place your menorah cork atop your best bottle of Manischewitz and watch the candles burn bright. The real miracle here would be making the bottle last 8 nights.

$12, Baron Bob

Photo courtesy of BaronBob.com

Travel Menorah

Traveling this holiday season? Take Hanukkah with you. This stackable, packable menorah ensures a festival of lights in any city you visit. 


$158, Traditions Jewish Gifts 

Photo courtesy of TraditionsJewishGifts.com

The Bicycle Menorah

If you were dreaming of a shiny, new bike for Hanukkah, look no further! This bicycle menorah has an attractive design and an authentic feel, making it both a useful tool for the holidays and a stylish piece for your mantle after the season is over.


$23, Amazon 

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