Black Friday: Faces in the Frenzy

Understanding fellow shoppers may be the key to surviving the year’s biggest sale day. Here, some bargain hunters to avoid

by Laura Sinberg
linebacker shopper illustration image
Photograph: Illustrated by Seymour Chwatz


She arrived at 3 AM and is now closing in on the last big-ticket sale item. Warning: She’ll tackle you to get it.



Cutting coupons is for amateurs. She’s got real-time sale updates on her smartphone—and a blueprint of the store as well.



Forget carts. This shopping warrior has an army of kids ready to hold her goodies so she can glide through the aisles like a shark on the hunt.


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Cheryl Barker11.25.2013

I try to avoid Black Friday, but when I do go Christmas shopping I have tons to accomplish because I live a distance from a bigger city. I feel like I'm running The Amazing Race on those days :)

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