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Sex tapes! Poetry recitals! Alpine tower jumps! Diet switcheroos! Welcome to MORE's fer-crying-out-loud just-do-it already blowout special, in which women just like you hurl themselves out of their comfort zone and into a brave new world where style, substance and unmitigated badassery abound. The rut busting starts here

by Sally Koslow
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"Am I the last woman my age to try facial fillers?” I ask. “There may be one other, but she’s in Wyoming,” jokes Patricia Wexler, MD, a Manhattan dermatologist with a clientele for whom maintenance does not refer to cars. The good doctor has offered her services to illustrate the difference an expertly administered injection here and there can make.

Hey, didn’t I see those syringes in Zero Dark Thirty? The shots hurt, even with numbing cream. But a second after each poke, I recover. 

I’d expected the filler to be shot into the obvious crevices, but Restylane is injected at my face’s periphery, then massaged into place to create an interior scaffold. The whole shebang, including Botox in my neck and a laser zap to reduce bruising, takes 30 minutes.

Restylane’s effect is immediate, like facial Spanx. The Botox takes a week or so to do its thing. I pass a mirror and . . . good Lord, I’d know that woman anywhere, although I haven’t seen her since 2005. I could get used to this.

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Originally published in the June 2013 issue

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