Fierce Women Share: "If I could create a holiday, it would be…"

We asked women on our 4th annual "Fierce List" what special days they would declare

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“Celebrated in the late spring. Family and friends gather around amazing vegetable dishes and share stories about people they’re most grateful for.” —Leslie Blodgett

No-Bullshit Day
—Angela Bassett

Sleep Day
—Jenji Kohan

Dog Day
“When we celebrate our canine companions.” —Amanda North

Mindfulness Day
“We’d notice what’s around us: We’d begrateful for the good things and work to change the bad things.” —Madeline Janis

Pay-It-Forward Day
—Sharon Snyder

Rachel Carson Day  
“Whenever I see a brigade of pelicans winging across the sky, I give thanks to marine biologist and conservationist Rachel Carson, who sounded the toxic-pesticide alarm in Silent Spring. Rachel Carson inspires my own work.” —Arlene Blum

March 4
“We all need to tap our individual potential. On March 4, we should March Forth and take that first step in chasing our dreams." —Diana Nyad

“I would keep the same holidays, minus the dead animals in the middle of the table.” —Jo-Anne McArthur

What holiday would you want to create? Share in the comments below!

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First published in the May 2014 issue

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