A Fonzi Thing Happened on the Way to the Park

When Debbie met Henry.

by Debbie Nigro • Guest Writer { View Profile }
When Debbie met Henry.
Photograph: Photo courtesy of the author.

My cousin Phil called me early Sunday morning to take me out for breakfast. I wanted to get out early and go for a walk at the park. An omelet sounded good, first. He asked me how long it would take me to get ready. Unshowered? Immediately. Showered? A week. I decided to roll, since he mentioned a diner he liked that I knew was far enough away that I wouldn’t see anyone I knew.

As we sat in the booth in the diner, I spotted an unkempt babe that looked a lot like me only uglier. It was a mirror. Wow, I thought. Bad call. Thank goodness we are far from people I know. Three seconds later a major radio exec and his wife, who I know, dropped by our booth to say a big Hi.

When we left the diner we figured we go for that walk together. Philip had his cute dog and it was still pretty early on a gorgeous day.

As we drove into the typically low-key park, there were an excessive number of cars.
Surprise, a car show today! OK fine, found my sunglasses deep in my purse.

On the final lap we wandered into the car-show area. Pretty sure I wouldn’t run into anyone I knew; 750 People We Knew later, I spotted Henry Winkler. OMG, FONZI. From Happy Days!

I decided I needed a picture regardless of my bad looks. I gave myself extra babe points for this move.

Here we are. Me and The Fonz! We are both a little older than when the show aired. He sends his love.

Hormonally Yours,
Debbie Nigro
Founder/Chief Executive Babe

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