"Hedging" My Perimenopausal Stress

What, me perimenopausal?

By Donna Cavanagh • Guest Writer
Photograph: Photo by iStock.

“Okay, then. Can you pour me one of those?” He asked pointing to the drink in my hand. “I’ll be down in a little bit after I shower and change.”

That was all that was said about the shrubbery that night. My husband has learned that when my stress and estrogen levels collide, it is best that he neither ask too many questions nor get too close to me and my friend, the electric hedge clippers.  

Donna Cavanagh is the founder of HumorOutcasts.com. Her latest humor book is Reality: Fantasy’s Evil Twin.

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Debbie Nigro10.25.2011

Good One Donna! Made me laugh. Smart husband you have too. lol. Reminded me that I once bought electric hedge clippers as a thank you present for the CEO of a major company. Said it was the best present he ever got. I can see why. Best! Debbie Nigro Founder StillABabe.com

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