How to Sound Hip at Those Holiday Parties

Baffled by what the younger guests are talking about? This crib sheet can help you fake your way through almost any conversation with the 140-characters-or-less set

by Linda Yellin
champagne toast
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Big Sean. Detroit rapper endorsed by Kanye West. If Kanye likes him, you like him, too.

Totes obvi. Just how much time can we save by not saying “totally obvious”?

Instagram. Originally designed for quickly sharing photos, this free app is now a popular way to create vintage pictures. Let’s get this straight: Sepia is cool?

BuzzFeed. Website with constant news feed and editorial based on the Web’s latest viral posts. The ­modern-day version of “Hey, man, what’s happenin’?”

Winklepickers. Shoes with extremely pointed toes. Count me out; I prefer to ruin my feet with stilettos.

Polar baring. Taking pictures of yourself lying naked in snow, then posting them online. (Talk about holidays on ice!)

Twerking. A bouncing dance style that causes your butt to jiggle. Also known as: forgetting to wear your Spanx.

Snapchats. Photos meant to disappear quickly. (Isn’t that how we feel about mostof our photos?)If this glossary doesn’t do the trick, just nod your head and say, “Awesome! Pass the eggnog.”

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First published in the December 2013/January 2014 issue

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