To Kvetch or Not to Kvetch - What Kind of Question is That!

by Amy Dannenberg • Member { View Profile }

     The irate driver was now on my tail as I exited the highway.  Now I was getting nervous.  Not only did the unstable driver follow me off the highway exit, but I had been followed directly into the driveway where I worked.  I figured my life was about to be over, when I noticed that the maniacal driver was one of my fellow workmates – a lovely, even tempered girl who wouldn’t kill an ant.  So, rather than moan, whine, and bitch about the incompetence of drivers gone wild, we laughed for weeks as we rehashed the story and I thought twice before acting on my vigilante instincts again.
     Try to find humor in all that enrages and you just might be referred to as that hilarious person who tells the funniest stories as opposed to that crotchety moaner who whines and complains.  I am truly looking forward to my next negative encounter so I can embellish, exaggerate, and entertain my next unsuspecting victim while ridding myself of stress and frustration.

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