Pooches Get Poetic

With a lot of time on their paws—waiting for us to get home, waiting for dinner—our canine companions can either destroy the couch or craft sonnets. In his new book, I Could Chew on This (and Other Poems by Dogs), Francesco Marciuliano allows the better behaved to share their verses

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When I’m running on
   the beach

The warm wind in my face

The cool water at my paws

The bright sun shining on us all

I’ll stop for a moment

Look out at the brilliant
   blue ocean

And think

“Have I really eaten the same  
 exact dinner

For eight years straight?”



How come

With just a few barks

Everyone can understand

That Lassie is saying

Timmy fell down the well

But with my endless whining
   and gnawing

You can’t understand

That I am saying

I’d rather the earth
   swallowed me whole

Than go out in public
   wearing this raincoat


I Lose My Mind When You Leave the House

The plants are torn

The garbage strewn

The wires chewed

The couch and I had a fight

Your bed is soaked

Your liquor spilled

Your TV smashed

Your laptop no longer has any vowels

There's a Kindle in the toaster

There's a toaster in the toilet

There's a toilet in the hallway

There's underwear in my mouth

I went places I should never go

I saw a side of myself I should never see

I said things to the cat I can never

  take back

So please don't ever leave again


Chain Reaction

Late one night

I step out in the yard

  and bark

Then the neighbor's dog barks

Then his neighbor's dog barks

And so it goes

House to house

Street to street

Town to town

State to state

Coast to coast

Until the very last dog

Tallies up those barks

And that's how we elect

  our president



Where did you go?!

Where have you been?!

Do you know how long you've

  been gone?!

Three hours!

Or fifteen minutes

Or six months

The point is

I've been waiting at that door

For eighteen straight years

And every one of those twelve seconds

  killed me


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First published in the July/August 2013 issue

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