Survival Training 101: Stay in a Hotel!

Here, have a grub!

By Donna Cavanagh • Guest Writer
Photograph: Photo by IStock.

Anyway, the two wilderness experts made it out of these woods (which, by the way, were in the Pacific Northwest). They did not even have a compass.They just knew to go west and head to the coast. Again, this might be a problem for me. I can figure out east and west in the morning when the sun is rising and in the evening when the sun is setting. However, those hours in between, I pretty much wander around not knowing where the hell I am. That is why I am a big fan of GPS. If you stick me in the woods with trees that block out the sun, I am not finding west. So I would be toast because no one is going to find me in the middle of the thousands of acres of uncharteted territory. 

I guess I would not have made a great pioneer or explorer. I would not have been a welcome addition to the Lewis and Clark expedition or the Spanish team trying to find the Pacific. I probably would have made the Donner Party eat each other a lot sooner than they did. Oh well, I guess surviving in the wilderness is not my thing, so to keep safe, I will just rough it at four-star hotels. Why tempt fate?

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