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14 Holiday Drinking Games to Keep Your Spirits Bright

When we need a little more than yuletide cheer to keep us warm, we usually turn to a good old-fashioned drinking game to do the trick. Whether you want to party or just snuggle up with one of your favorite festive films, we have the perfect holiday drinking game for you. Just remember to drink responsibly!

Drinking Game Sweater

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The sweater drinking game rules are few, simple, and fun. Just toss the small velcro balls at the target on the front of the sweater and follow the instructions on the back.

  1. You miss, you drink.
  2. You hit the red ring, share a drink.
  3. You hit the white ring, give a drink.
  4. You hit the green ring, the sweater-wearer drinks.
  5. And finally, you hit the bullseye, everyone drinks.

Trust us, buy your own drinking game sweater and you'll be the life of any holiday party.

Jingle Shots

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If you and your friends are looking to get really festive, Jingle Shots is the perfect game. Start by giving every player—the more the merrier—a shot glass and sitting in a circle. Fill the shots with each players liquor of choice. The game begins when the first person sings the first line of their favorite Christmas song. The person to their left sings the next line, and so on. When a player inevitably messes up the line or doesn't know it, they take a shot. Then the next person sings the forgotten or flubbed line, and the game continues.

Dysfunctional Family Drinking Game

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Sip your drink if...

  • You receive a backhanded compliment
  • Someone is wearing a Christmas hat or antlers
  • Someone asks you about your relationship status
  • Someone asks, "How old are you now?"
  • A child annoys you

Chug your drink if...

  • Someone arrives late
  • Anything breaks
  • There are any bodily functions (burps, vomit, passes gas)

Finish your drink if...

  • Someone blatantly criticizes you
  • Someone spills their drink

Credit: Foxy Wine Pocket,

Holiday People-Watching

4 / 15

Next time you go gift shopping or head downtown to look at the holiday lights, bring along a friend—and a flask. Every time you hear someone say, "Merry Christmas," take a drink. Every time someone says, "Happy holidays," your friend drinks. If you'd rather quietly get drunk at home, play by calling local businesses on the phone.

Get Card-ed

5 / 15

Evenly and randomly divide the holiday cards you’ve received from distant relatives and acquaintances between at least two people. Take turns reading your cards aloud, and if your card includes photos of people wearing Christmas sweaters or pictures of surly children, take a drink. Take an extra drink if your card includes a picture of a pet in a Christmas sweater.

The Alphabet Game

6 / 15

This classic drinking game is perfect for the holidays. The first person in the group starts by naming something Christmas- or Hanukah-related that starts with A, like “Away in a Manger.” The second repeats the first and then adds his own that starts with a B, like Blitzen. The third repeats the first two, and so on until everyone’s good and blitzened.

Holiday Movie Drinking Games

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While playing a party drinking game can be a whole lot of fun, some nights you just want to cuddle up with some wine and a good movie. Here are our favorite holiday movies and all the drinking games to match. You can play with a friend or simply sip alone, it is up to you. Happy drinking!

A Christmas Story

8 / 15

Sip your drink if...

  • Old Man Parker "cusses"
  • Old Man Parker tries to repair something
  • Randy whines/cries
  • Mother Parker is in the kitchen
  • Someone says "Red Ryder"
  • The Bumpus hounds are heard or seen
  • Ralphie doesn't have his glasses on
  • The "Peter and the Wolf" theme plays

Chug your drink if...

  • A plot point gives you flashbacks to your childhood
  • Someone says, "You'll shoot your eye out!"

Finish your drink if...

  • Randy snorts like a piggy
  • Ralphie says "fudge"

Bonus: Last one to finish their drink has to run outside and yell, "I can't get up! Ralphie, I can't get up!" regardless of weather conditions

The Nightmare Before Christmas

9 / 15

Sip your drink if...

  • The Mayor says "town meeting"
  • Jack cackles ominously
  • Jack's scientific experiment explodes
  • Zero barks to get someone's attention
  • One of Sally's limbs comes off
  • Oogie makes a gambling reference
  • Shock punches/yells at one of her cohorts for being unintelligent
  • Anyone says, "Merry Christmas"
  • Anyone says, "Happy Halloween"

Chug your drink if...

  • A child doesn't appreciate their disturbing gift
  • A Halloweentown resident misinterprets a Christmas tradition

Finish your drink if...

  • Jack takes off his head


10 / 15

Sip your drink if...

  • Anna acts awkward or clumsy
  • Elsa rejects Anna
  • Anyone says the word "love"
  • Someone breaks into song
  • Kristoff talks to Sven
  • Elsa can't control her powers
  • Someone shivers or bundles up
  • Sven eats a carrot
  • Olaf loses his nose 
  • Oaken says, "Yoo-hoo"

Chug your drink if...

  • Olaf falls apart
  • Hans is too perfect to not be evil
  • You spot Rapunzel and Flynn at the coronation
  • Elsa and Anna almost make amends

Finish your drink if...

  • You get goose bumps
  • Anyone sings along to "Let It Go"

Home Alone

11 / 15

Sip your drink if...

  • Anyone insults or threatens Kevin
  • Anyone speaks or attempts to speak French
  • Kevin screams or yells
  • Kevin talks to himself
  • Kevin insults someone
  • Anyone says, "pizza"
  • Anyone says, "Paris"
  • Anyone says, "polka"

Chug your drink if...

  • Marv or Harry get hurt
  • Buzz's tarantula makes an appearance
  • "Keep the change, you filthy animal."

Finish your drink if...

  • The Little Nero's pizza guy knocks over the statue

Love Actually

12 / 15

Sip your drink if...

  • Anyone says any of the following: "wank," "bugger," "piss," "bollocks," or "bloody"
  • Anyone says, "actually"
  • Colin Firth says something wrong in Portuguese (or makes any poor attempt to communicate with Aurelia)
  • Someone wears a Christmas sweater, Santa-inspired outfit, or any Christmas paraphernalia
  • Someone wears a turtleneck
  • The song "Christmas is All Around You" starts
  • Sam plays the drums
  • Hugh Grant makes you cringe
  • Someone whispers furtively into a phone

Chug your drink if...

  • A story line crosses
  • Someone cries

Finish your drink if...

  • Anyone says, "Love Actually"

Christmas Vacation

13 / 15

Sip your drink if...

  • Ellen calls Clark "Sparky"
  • Someone wears an ugly holiday sweater
  • Aunt Bethany can't hear something
  • The swimming pool is referenced
  • Clark wears sports team apparel
  • Anyone sings
  • Anyone says, "Bonus"

Chug your drink if...

  • An advent calendar door is opened
  • Clark hurts himself

Finish your drink if...

  • "Why is the carpet wet, Todd?" "I don't know, Margo!"

Bonus: You must yell "Shitter's full!" any time you leave to use the restroom, otherwise you must finish your beer when you return.


14 / 15

Sip your drink if...

  • The Naughty or Nice list is mentioned
  • Anyone says, "Christmas spirit"
  • Buddy is scared
  • You catch a product placement (Coke, Monopoly, etc.)
  • Buddy screams, "Santa!"
  • Buddy eats something he's not supposed to
  • Buddy tells anyone he loves them

Chug your drink if...

  • Buddy burps (continue to chug for the duration of the burp)
  • Buddy is too big for something

Finish your drink if...

  • Mr. Narwhal appears

Credit: Pinterest

Santa's Hat

15 / 15

If you want to play a movie drinking game, but don't necessarily want to pay attention to all of those rules, play Santa's Hat instead. The game is simple. Just place a Santa hat on the corner of your television. Then, play whatever movie you want to watch. It doesn't technically have to be a holiday movie, if you have a different one in mind. Finally, every time someone on-screan "wears" the hat, you take a drink. It's that simple.

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